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Backlink Hut and SEO-Social Media Marketing Strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to attract more traffic to your website. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the most popular sources of traffic for websites. The better your website is optimized for SEO, the higher it will appear in search results, and the more traffic your site will receive, the more likely it will attract customers and generate leads. SEO is a crucial aspect of online marketing for any business, but it can be tricky to implement effectively.

Social marketing

Social media marketing

Social media is the latest trend in the world of online marketing, but how do you use it to your benefit? Social media is a popular way to interact with your target audience and can be an effective way to reach them. According to a study by the GlobalWebIndex, a third of internet users spend at least an hour a day on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Organizations must use these platforms strategically to reach the right audiences. It can be challenging to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, as social media sites are constantly evolving.

Social media marketing requires a comprehensive plan. In addition to the traditional marketing techniques, your social media strategy should include creating engaging content for the different platforms. Creating compelling images and videos is an excellent way to create engagement with your audience and build brand loyalty. Creating compelling content is critical for success. The content should be customized for each platform, so that your target audience will be attracted to your brand.

Social media m

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The use of search engine optimization (SEO) in a social media marketing strategy can be a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing plan. It’s important to optimize your website for search engines as these are the primary source of traffic. In fact, search engines generate more traffic than all other forms of social media combined. Social media has been largely seen as a platform to interact and entertain, while search engines are known to be vehicles for seeking information or products.

SEO refers to the process of enhancing a website’s visibility on search engines by optimizing it for specific keywords. It can significantly increase traffic to your website and convert those visitors into customers. It can help you achieve better results and reach a larger audience. To begin using SEO in a social media marketing strategy, create a website that is structured for search engines. By incorporating SEO techniques into your social media marketing strategy, you can expect a dramatic increase in traffic to your website and improve engagement and conversion rates.

Social media marketing s

Digital Marketing

As one of the leading online marketing agencies in the world, Backlink Hut is equipped to help your business grow its online presence. Our in-house team consists of specialists in social media, digital strategy, and paid search management. Our core competency is online branding, and we can help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy for your business. The Agency is available to serve small to medium-sized companies and enterprise-level organizations, and provides a variety of digital marketing and SEO services, including social media management and consulting.

In addition to the social media and SEO services we offer, CY also provides digital marketing and SEO training to local university students and entrepreneurs.

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Website optimization

Backlink Hut and SEO-Social media marketing strategy is a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business. For SEO-focused websites, you need to optimize your website for certain keywords, including the website name, content, and links. While this seems like common sense, many internet users still don’t know how to find a website by name. So search engine optimization is essential. A social media marketing plan combines all of these components and focuses on enhancing traffic, revenue, and website health.

SEO is an important part of any business’ online marketing strategy. It can help you understand consumer behavior and what keywords they use to search for your product or service. SEO Cyprus follows the latest Google guidelines and keeps up with the latest changes in search engine algorithms. The more your site is visible on search engines, the more likely it is to attract customers and generate leads. If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, your business will lose visibility, which could lead to lower profits.

Creating a Backlink Hut – Social Media Strategy

Part of your social media marketing plan should include an editorial calendar that specifies the types of content you will create, as well as your target audience and the frequency and time that you will post. You should create different calendars for each page administrator to handle different content types. Each marketing strategy should have specific objectives and goals, as different types of content will achieve different goals. For example, content that directs people to your business blog will seek to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area and increase traffic to your site.

Sprout Social’s Group Report

If you’re looking for a way to track your business on social media, Sprout’s Group Report for Backlink Hut is a great place to start. It has many benefits, including its customizable reporting settings. For example, you can set up your report to display only certain types of data, such as posts from specific users. The report also contains information about global trends, regional analysis, and industry forecasts by categories and end-user.

In addition to its customizable groups, Sprout Social helps you respond to messages in an organized manner. It allows you to respond to incoming messages in order of their receipt. It also keeps track of the hashtags and keywords you use to communicate with your customers. It even includes customer relationship features, so you can customize your responses and see which ones are working best. Its powerful dashboard lets you analyze your results and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Constant testing

There are several benefits to adopting Constant Testing in your Backlink Hut and social media strategy. For example, it allows you to test different creative elements, copy, and formats of your advertisements. By using different creative elements, you can determine which elements get the most engagement and response from your audience. For example, you can test different call-to-actions and image captions to see which ones get the most clicks. You can even change your social copy to find out which one gets the most engagement and response.

Conversion testing is a key part of any social media marketing strategy. You can measure how your ads perform on different social platforms and learn which ones generate the most traffic and leads. You can also create a Facebook ad with custom text or graphics to target your audience. For instance, if you want to know which social media channel gets the most engagement, you can test out different Facebook ad types, such as video or plain text.

Identifying the needs of users

Identifying the needs of users is a critical aspect of any marketing and social media strategy. It allows organizations to speak directly to their customers and potential customers’ pain points. The greatest benefit of social media is the ability to be very specific, but it is important to remember not to get too specific. A simple way to check whether your content is relevant is to measure its resonance. Marketing technology experts like Gartner have provided a list of the characteristics that should be considered when creating a content strategy.

Understanding user needs can help marketers craft their content in a way that appeals to them and helps them buy from them. While most consumers prefer to purchase from retailers online, there are still times when they cannot. Using social media to create customer-centric content can make this possible. Brand-engaged consumers prefer to interact with brands on social media. According to a research by Crowdtap, brand engagement among online users will double by April 2021.

Innocent’s social media strategy

Innocent uses social media to communicate its values and beliefs. It shows its customers that it pays attention to environmental issues, supports Age UK and has a strong sense of humor. Innocent posts images to its social media accounts twice a week and includes employees and customers in their captions. The brand is also transparent in its social media strategy, including its response to the recent conker milk fiasco. Keeping an upbeat tone and promoting an inclusive and positive message, Innocent has been successful in engaging with its audience.

Innocent’s social media strategy is crucial for its marketing campaign. It needs to expand its customer base to meet the needs of a diverse demographic. The company should go global to satisfy the needs of the elderly and young populations. They must diversify and reposition themselves into other sectors of the industry. Those who follow Innocent on social media should follow their brand. By using social media, Innocent can reach a wider audience and build a larger customer base.

Backlink Hut – Social Media Platforms

In today’s age, social media platforms have become one of the most powerful sources of market research. People use these channels for news, opinions, and discussion. This makes social media the ultimate resource for any business. Perhaps the most traditional way to conduct a social media campaign is through forums. Forums were originally places where professionals, enthusiasts, and experts discussed topics and shared ideas. Today, discussion forums are populated with millions of users, and offer answers to virtually any topic.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

A variety of social media platforms exist for Backlink Hut, but Facebook is the most popular one. With over 100 million registered users worldwide, it is the most popular of the platforms. Other platforms to consider include Tumblr, WeChat, Vox, and LinkedIn. For a simple blog, Blogger and Tumblr may be the best options. Others may include Joomla, Typepad, and WSI efusion.

These social media platforms are great for small businesses and startups as they allow businesses to engage with their audience, create an online community, and gain exposure. Small businesses are often entrepreneurial and thrive by creating communities and engaging with people. Social media gives them a platform to communicate with their audience and address their needs. These communities can provide valuable information for CY online marketing and boost their sales. But how can businesses get started with social media marketing?


Creating engaging content on social media is essential for your online marketing efforts. It’s as easy as sharing a blog post or image. It’s just like sharing something on your Facebook profile. However, there are a few things you should know before you start publishing content. First of all, you should know the right time to publish to social media. Then, you must create and distribute the right kind of content at the right frequency.

Social media is an effective, modern way to promote products. When done right, it can help businesses build a strong brand reputation, brand awareness, and credibility. Social media also helps brands interact with customers and gain their trust. This, in turn, drives sales. Lastly, it’s an effective way to drive traffic to your website. So, take advantage of these powerful marketing tools and increase the success of your online business.


While the vast majority of social media platforms are accessible from a computer, smart phone or tablet, many users also access them on their mobile device. For this reason, it is important to learn about all available social media platforms. They are generally classified into three categories: networks, communities and sharing. Here is a quick guide to these platforms and what they can do for your business. We’ve listed a few here to get you started.

Social media allows businesses to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and engage with customers in a more personal way. These platforms are also excellent for selling products or services without a physical location. The social aspect makes them result-driven and ideal for small businesses. Social media allows businesses to engage with users who have similar interests and share their experiences. Once you know how to use social media to your advantage, you’ll soon see how much success you can achieve.


Small business owners can find social media platforms to be a confusing and daunting territory. There are so many, and they are growing so fast! To make the best use of your time and money, you must know what each platform is all about, how to use it to reach your audience, and how to properly analyze your results. There are also many different platforms available, so it’s important to know which ones are most popular in your country and industry.

Aside from creating a social media presence, SMM provides the opportunity to engage with your target audience. By leveraging tools like Facebook Audience Insights, you can better target your ads and promotions to your audience. Another great feature of social media is Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. This visual platform is particularly popular with younger audiences. Using this feature to interact with your followers will help you build meaningful relationships with your followers.

Backlink Hut – Social Media Channels

Using social media to market your company is a good idea. However, choosing the right marketing channel is not an easy task. Here are some tips for selecting the best channel for your campaign. First, determine the goals of your campaign. It is also advisable to align your campaign goals with your business model. For example, a traditional company that wishes to rebrand itself should start with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services

One of the best ways to build a brand is to use social media channels. Customers love two-way communication, interesting content and ongoing engagement with brands. Most companies that use social media for online marketing benefit from the process in several ways. They build long-term relationships with potential customers, develop a hub between their brand and website, and get found by people looking for products and services.

In Cyprus, there’s a large social community online. On Facebook and Instagram, locals can communicate and build relationships. While many pages are designed for national interactions, others focus on specific cities and villages, such as Limassol Pals. In February, Facebook Messenger had more than seven hundred thousand active users, a third of whom were men. A third of the social community in Cyprus is on Facebook, where users trust user-generated reviews more than company information.

Facebook has numerous features and is the number one destination for many users. Every business should have a Facebook fan page, either for engagement or social content exchange. A business’s fan page allows it to promote products and general business promotion. The presence on Facebook is an excellent way to build a customer base and earn new clients. Once you have a fan page, you’ll be able to measure your social media engagement with your brand.

Instagram is an image-based social network. Its popularity has grown considerably and is second only to Google in searches worldwide. One in two internet users uses YouTube on a monthly basis. It offers a variety of content ranging from entertainment and DIY projects, to reviews and news feeds. Through online video marketing, your product or service can be advertised over the Internet to attract audiences. This method is also very effective for Backlink Hut.

YouTube is a great option for sharing videos. This platform encourages creative professionals and is a good place to share your content. It is important to note that YouTube is not the default social site, so you’ll need to choose another one if you’re trying to reach the millennials. Despite its limitations, Instagram is a valuable channel for Backlink Hut.

Flickr is another useful social media channel. People use it to share photos and build brand awareness. However, it’s not the best choice for business use. Flickr is a photo-sharing site owned by Google. Users can tag and search for photos with ease. It’s easy to use and loads quickly. But it’s not a priority for a social media campaign. Despite its usefulness, it is still too young to have a successful business.

Another social media channel is Facebook. A business may have a few duplicate accounts. This can lead to a confusing picture of the company. JCSL Ltd took over the social media administration of a business, and found that the duplicate Facebook page had an extremely high ranking – even higher than the current page. Instead, JCSL Ltd removed the redundant page and the business’s new Facebook page ranked first in the search.

As far as social media channels go, the most important thing to remember is the quality of the offering you are selling. You need to create something that sets you apart from your competitors. But that’s not all. The quality of your offering is important, but the message you want to convey is equally important. Backlink Hut – Social Media Channels.

Backlink Hut – Social Media Marketing Plan

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create a social media marketing plan for your business. It’s essential to define your goals, determine your target audience, and use tools to reach those goals. Backlink Hut can help you do this. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips and guidelines for creating your own social media marketing plan. After creating it, you can implement it to see results in less time.

Creating a social media marketing plan

Creating a social media marketing plan is crucial for any business owner. In the world of social media, there are countless ways to engage with potential customers, but if you do not know where to start, here are some steps to make your marketing strategy successful. Identify your target audience. Once you know who your audience is, you can develop a social media marketing plan based on these details.

Developing a social media marketing plan for your real estate agency should start with identifying your target audience. Many businesses treat every social media channel the same. This is not the most effective approach. Instead, focus on which platforms best suit your target audience. Pew Research Center conducted a study of five major social media sites and recorded the age, gender, and location of their users. Identifying your target audience and implementing a social media marketing plan will ensure your social media efforts are as effective as possible.


Your social media strategy should include specific goals for your marketing efforts. Setting social media goals will help you organize your work and set priorities so that you can get the most out of your time and budget. Setting goals for your marketing efforts will also help you determine which activities are most important and need to be prioritized. For example, you may want to spend more time creating content for your company’s blog than you do on social media advertising.

While social media is an excellent tool to boost visibility, your website is equally important. Add to your goals increasing website traffic using tools like Google Analytics. Increasing website traffic will help you measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy. A high engagement rate will also help you determine the quality of your content and the responsiveness of your audience. By making sure that your social media campaign is measurable, you will know that your efforts are paying off.


As the most popular digital marketing channel in Cyprus, social media is an essential element of your online marketing plan. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed the way people communicate with brands and companies, and are an integral part of the inbound marketing mix. Backlink Hut delivers social media strategy, content, and advertising to more than 50 brands in Cyprus. This article explores the tools you need to use to maximize your social media marketing efforts.

Sprout Social: This all-in-one tool combines content curation, publishing, analytics, and team collaboration tools. Sprout Social improves social engagement, client relationships, and social marketing plans. It helps you understand customers and stay on top of trends. MavSocial also lets you reply to all of your social feeds from a single inbox. It has some drawbacks, however.


When it comes to creating a social media marketing plan, it’s imperative that you use the latest strategies to reach your target audience. The digital landscape is a fast-paced environment, with the average person spending 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social media. As a result, marketers must continually stay abreast of changes in the algorithms, trending memes, and new platforms like Instagram Reels. It’s imperative that you stay abreast of new trends, so that you can diversify your content and keep your business competitive in an oversaturated social media environment.

Backlink Hut – Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising

If you are new to digital marketing, or just want to get more exposure for your brand or business, you should consider Backlink Hut. These programs use various digital marketing channels to reach a broad audience. However, it is important to determine if the investment will be worth it. After all, a digital marketing campaign is the most effective if it generates more traffic than it costs. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using digital marketing channels to drive traffic.

Backlink Hut

There are many aspects to online marketing. Social media is one of these. It can help you to interact with your customers, increase sales, and build a brand. Social media platforms are becoming a key part of the digital marketing mix in Cyprus. Social media channels are increasing globally in usage, and have opened up a new communication channel between brands and their customers. Webarts works with 50+ brands across Cyprus to deliver social media content, advertising, and strategy monthly.

Digital Marketing

While traditional digital marketing techniques have become more commonplace, the role of social media has changed as well. Social media platforms have revolutionized the way in which businesses interact with their customers, establishing a new line of communication. Social media marketing and advertising is an integral part of Webarts’ monthly social media strategy and content creation. Here are some reasons to invest in social media marketing. Listed below are some tips to get started.

In order to make the most of digital marketing platforms, you need to understand how consumers behave on these platforms. Social media allows you to communicate with consumers on a more personal level, which helps you build brands and drive sales. The vast majority of users are active on social media, but it is a growing niche with stiff competition. You need to consider your demographic when launching your marketing strategy. If you are targeting a specific user population, you may want to consider a social media-specific campaign.

Social Media Advertising

Considering Social Media Advertising in your Backlink Hut strategy? The best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaign is to set up a budget and measurable goals before you begin posting. While social media advertising can bring in some impressive returns, you should never expect to generate millions of dollars from a single ad that only runs for a few days. Rather, begin with a small budget and experiment with different settings until you’ve found what works best for your business.

When implementing a social media advertising campaign, it’s a good idea to stick to one or two platforms. Consider your target market and customer personas before choosing a platform. Next, research your competitors on that platform. You can also use these platforms to automate processes and optimize ads. For first-time social advertisers, it’s best to focus on one or two platforms. Then, choose the most effective social media advertising strategies.

Is it a wise decision?

Many brands are now investing in social media advertising. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 52% of B2B marketers plan to use promoted posts and social ads to grow their businesses. And of those who plan to invest, 48% said it works. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of social advertising. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to invest in social media marketing.

While it’s true that social media advertising involves a higher up-front investment, the ROI can be worth it. Social ads complement organic campaigns on social media by giving marketers more relevant traffic. And they’re more effective than conventional advertising because social platforms offer sophisticated targeting capabilities. This allows marketers to target their ideal audience and get more relevant traffic. However, they can also cost more than conventional advertising methods.

Backlink Hut – Generate Leads and Close Sales

Backlink Hut – Generate Lead, the next step in your sales process, will help you generate leads and close sales. But how do you get started? First, you need to understand your competition. Using social media to monitor their online presence is a great start. Look for trends and complaints that they are not addressing and capitalize on those. Next, you should create a quality content to attract your leads.

Creating quality content

Creating quality content for Backlink Hut is essential to attracting and engaging your target audience. While ensuring your content is interesting, relevant and useful, it must also be tested against your KPIs. You can measure quality by focusing on metrics that will actually benefit your business, like conversions or revenue. The best way to make sure your content is high-quality is to constantly improve and revamp your existing content. Even if it’s already winning, it can still be made better and more evergreen.

Developing quality content starts with conducting market research. Understand what types of people are looking for and what types of services are in demand. There may be other companies offering the same services as yours. Creating content that will attract and engage potential customers is key to driving business growth. By focusing on the needs of your target audience, you can build an audience. The best content marketing strategy involves a combination of research, ideation, and creative content creation.

Reaching out to leads

Lead nurturing is crucial for sales and marketing teams. While warm leads are more likely to be sales-ready than cold leads, they may be lukewarm, which means quick response is vital. Sales should always respond immediately to high-priority leads. Lead nurturing involves providing relevant content that encourages leads to make a purchase decision. Reaching out immediately may be perceived as aggressive by the lead, but it’s important to remember that the faster you reach out to a lead, the more likely they are to convert.

Leads come in two varieties: sales and product-qualified leads. Sales leads are people who show interest in a business or product by submitting information through a form. The requested information can range from basic contact details to exploratory requests. In contrast, product-qualified leads are those who have already used a product or have signed up for a free trial. If a lead is sales-qualified, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Closing the sale

One of the most important steps in closing the sale with Backlink Hut is finding the need. You can do this by asking a prospect what they need and why they should purchase the solution. You can also ask how much the solution will save the customer. This way, you will be able to quickly demonstrate the value of your product or service. You can also mix in other sales closing techniques to close the sale more quickly.

The soft close involves showing the customer what benefits they will experience from using your product or service. This type of closing technique removes the need for a commitment and gives you the opportunity to learn about the prospect’s business better. Finally, a summary close summarizes the product’s benefits and reminds the customer of key points. Then, you can tie up any loose ends with follow-up meetings.

Using search engine marketing

There are several advantages of using search engine marketing to generate leads for your business. For example, you can reach an unlimited audience with limited budgets. In addition, search engine marketing offers you a number of methods to improve your rankings and generate more leads. You can use both search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to increase your site’s search engine ranking and generate more leads. These methods are also highly flexible and can help you save money.

Using search engine marketing to generate leads is an effective way to boost your business. Leads generated through this method are of high quality and are likely to convert into customers. This marketing technique is the most cost-effective of all lead generation methods. Using search engine marketing strategies to generate leads will allow your business to get visible in search results and appear when users are looking for a particular keyword or phrase. In turn, this will increase sales.

Backlink Hut – Video Ads

If you’re new to online marketing, you may be wondering what videos are and what you can do to create them. While video ads have been around for awhile, you might be unsure how to make them and how to target them for maximum exposure. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of video marketing for both desktop and mobile devices. Backlink Hut – Video Ads

Creating a video ad

Creating a video ad for your business is a great way to promote your brand. As with any marketing effort, it is important to highlight your brand’s unique features and benefits. A good video ad should highlight your company’s achievements, such as its prestigious membership in the Better Business Bureau. The best way to accomplish this is by including a call to action in the video.

Whether you’re creating a video ad for your YouTube channel or a company website, you’ll need to make sure that you include the CTA as part of your ad. The CTA can be included in the mid-roll or pre-roll of the video. A compelling CTA will encourage viewers to follow the link. Whether you have a video ad or a static ad, make sure to use a compelling CTA in your ad.

When creating a sales video, keep in mind that your prospect is almost ready to make a purchase. They’ve gathered all of the information they need, and are deciding between a few products. To pique their interest, make sure that the video delivers the right information and encourages them to buy. The most effective sales videos create deeper connections with prospects, reassure consumers, and convince prospects of their worth.

Creating a video ad campaign for mobile devices

There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating a video ad campaign for mobile phones. First, make sure that your video is clear about what it is you want viewers to do. Of course, your ultimate goal is to sell products or services, so make sure to emphasize your value to viewers. And, as with any other advertising campaign, you should consider your target audience and their needs when designing your ad.(social media marketing strategy)(social media marketing platforms)(user generated content)(media marketing)(social media management)

To create the most effective video ad, you need to understand your target audience and make sure it’s highly targeted. Because mobile advertising is so easy to create, data collection is easy and convenient. You can also gather relevant demographic, psychographic, and geo-targeting data. It also helps to keep intrusiveness to a minimum, which helps your audience connect better with your message.(social media marketing strategy)(social media marketing platforms)(user generated content)(media marketing)(social media management)

Another thing to keep in mind when creating a video ad campaign for mobile is that you should not use your final URL as the vanity URL. This could cause a user to click on your video ad without your intention. This is not a good strategy if your video is intended to be seen by a wide audience. In such a case, the vanity URL should be directed to the final URL.(social media marketing strategy)(social media marketing platforms)(user generated content)(media marketing)(social media management)

Creating a video ad campaign for desktop devices

While you might think that desktops are the most popular device to watch online videos, the reality is that mobile users use mobile devices to access the internet. While desktops may be the most popular platform for video advertising, mobile devices have smaller screens and may not display videos the same way. In order to make the most out of these small screens, you need to ensure that your video has high-quality content and audio. Make sure that you create your video ad in the appropriate format for mobile devices, as well as on the right platform.(social media marketing strategy)(social media marketing platforms)(user generated content)(media marketing)(social media management)

Once you have decided which device your target audience is, the next step is to choose the appropriate social media platform for your video ad. Different social networks have different goals and objectives. While Facebook is popular among friends, LinkedIn is focused on professional discussions and technologies related to certain industries. Once you have selected the correct social media platform, you’re ready to create an effective video ad campaign for desktop devices.(social media marketing strategy)(social media marketing services)(social media Platform)(social media marketing platforms)(increase brand awareness)(media marketing)(social media management)(facebook users)(create content)(social advertising)(marketing resources)(influencer marketing)(company culture)

When creating a video ad campaign for desktop users, you must consider your target audience and determine the right keywords to use. The most popular type of video ad is the in-stream ad, which appears before, during, or after video content. YouTube relies on this format. Some types of ads are interactive and have special offers at the end of the video. In addition, you can use video ad to remarket to existing customers.(social media marketing strategy)(competitive analysis)(social media networks)(social media presence)(social media marketing services)(social media marketing platforms)(social media marketing trends)(social media marketing courses)(user generated content)(both your ad spend)(social media users)(social media campaigns)(social media agency)(social media trends)(different social media platforms)(social media team)(social media world)(twitter users)(most social media platforms)(facebook users)(social media followers)(social media posts)(social media audit)(social media marketer)(social media targets(largest social media platform)(create content)(paid or organic content)(set social media targets)(social strategy)(marketing resources)(business goals)(social interactions divided)(social channels)(own strategy)(influencer marketing)(paid advertising)(personal brand)(business objectives)(company culture)(valuable insights)(audience demographics)(community building)(marketing funnel)(brand identity)(recent campaign offensive)(reaches users feeds)(create posts)(important metrics)