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51 reviews for Pdf upload $15/500

  1. qmedic

    Backlinkhut is communicative, friendly and responsive to questions. That said, I would have liked more information about how the backlink sites are selected and why those site owners decide to feature the backlinks. When I visit some of the sites included in the deliverables list, many of the links are oddly placed on those sites and don’t make sense in the context featured. This may be par for the course for backlinking but would appreciate a deeper report of why those sites were selected and why the backlinks appear so random within those sites.

  2. youtubepage1

    Backlinkhut did great work in getting relevant links to my website. I have only randomly checked the pages and links and everything seems to be proper. Now comes the hard part: – finding out when and how much these links help with rankings and organic traffic. I think with the type of work done, things should move in positive direction in terms of SERPS but we will see how things shape up in next month or 2. Stay tune !!!!!

  3. lebogang22

    Returning customer. The last order is now sitting on Page 1 of Google for the main keyword. It was low competition but the effect of backlinks showed quickly with a jump of 20+ positions! I have also seen rankings increase.. Excellent results!

  4. kmell96

    As SEO experts, Backlinkhut did a great job of keeping us informed about the process, showing us how to verify/check the progress, and even giving us helpful free tips. We are even seeing improvement of our webpage in Google search rankings for our target keywords, before the delivery was even finalized! We’ve climbed to page 6 (from unranked) for our #1 priority keyword. Would definitely recommend!

  5. empoweringads

    I’ve hired a number of cheap contractors to help with backlinks and have never really been satisfied with the results. I finally found Backlinkhut and they delivered many great backlinks that are showing as seen on Ahrefs and already seems to be helping with our SEO efforts. Thank you so much!

  6. lebogang22

    Excellent service and communication from the backlinkhut. I am already seeing improvements in ranking for targeted keywords before the delivery date. One keyword has already jumped from page 8 to page 3. I will definitely be ordering again,

  7. alexdibacco

    Wonderful backlinks as usual! My rankings have already improved DRASTICALLY on really difficult keywords and I always see even larger jumps after delivery. All keywords are close to the first page!

  8. sylvie_2019

    It was a pleasure to work with backlinkhut. The links they placed are all high quality, niche relevant backlinks, and no word can better describe there service than the actual improvements seen in SERP results. Well done! Highly recommended!

  9. jamison

    Amazing backlinks as usual! Our rankings have already started to climb but they usually shoot up even more in the next few weeks. We highly recommend !

  10. kattering23

    These guys know exactly what they are doing. I received genuine backlinks of top quality. I am already seeing the benefit from them. Many thanks guys, I will definitely be using you again.

  11. ashaanjali

    One of the best service I’ve ever used. Updated me several times over the time period and was super helpful with explaining how everything works. Already seeing rankings improve. Thanks Backlinkhut!

  12. sherajik

    They gave multiple updates through out which was great, looking forward to see the improvement over the coming months

  13. sgergill

    All backlinks were delivered on time and as promised. A cursory check found that all of the links checked were legit. Nice Work!

  14. jimmy

    Thanks for the great work…

  15. nases1

    I am absolutely amazed by the quality of the work and the service. Probably the best SEO service in Fiverr. Will definitely have a long term business relationship. Highly recommend.

  16. zedmirza

    very easy to work with. i will admit i am not sure how backlinks work but the have provided me with an explanation and a link of i can can see the results. Communication was very easy. i will be using backlinkhut again….

  17. doronorbach

    The delivery was delivered as promised + some extra links. It is too early to show the clear effect on SEO, but will give it some time to see how the progress is.

  18. mendel85

    they are amazing and very knowledgeable about there field, Everything was explained to me and even a beginner in SEO will understand. We will definitely work on more projects and I have recommended their services to friends already. Thank you

  19. kiranjha

    Awesome! This is my second purchase with Backlinkhut, super knowledgeable and responsive. I absolutely love there outstanding customer service to ensure you are satisfied with your order and know what they are doing. I look forward to future purchases with them to excel my website to the next level.

  20. feritgur

    They are very responsive, explained every single detail about the work they done, shared updates regularly and delivered on time. I am happy to work with them and will probably work again after seeing the results of work in the coming weeks.

  21. max_homeok1

    Was a good experience, we are now starting to work with backlinks for the first time and we see a lot of work has been done and more work to be done.

  22. rahulthaker10

    backlinkhut has perfectly completed the project as described. I hope the links will grow my website ranking day by day. Quality work is done. Thanks & Regards

  23. gladvanced

    Always a wonderful service, main backlinks are exactly what I asked for, and we even asked for extra work on their end and they did it without complaining whatsoever. Thank you again for being awesome! πŸ™‚

  24. besparklingblog

    Well as SEO does take some time, I can’t yet confirm everything, but it seems to be working and exactly done as promised!

  25. stbombi

    Honestly don’t how to judge if it works but customer service was excellent. Communication and explanation of process was great. Much more knowledgeable now than I was before this

  26. tominsprucker

    Great to work with. Very thorough. I can’t tell how well it works yet so I will need a while before I can recommend or not. Thet are definitely a professional who knows this space.

  27. jfgroup

    Communication is key. I dont have a great understanding of SEO but I have been kept updated as to the changes as they were made.

  28. shoncornwell932

    Great communication, keeps you educated in the process.

  29. thisorganisedmo

    Very friendly and everything was well explained to me. I am very happy with this service and would highly reccommend them.

  30. tishcat74

    Second order after we saw great results with the first on – highly recommended, easy to deal with and does a great job πŸ™‚

  31. dcldesigns

    GREAT JOB! I will be using your service at least 2 or 3 times per month for my SEO clients. Well done!

  32. maolmacuait

    Fantastic Supplier, I’ve been dealing with for quiet a while now and have services to be excellent. Very pleasant to deal with too.

  33. sankarkumarchel

    As usual, this is awesome. Always delivers great work with quick results.

  34. gladvanced

    Always a wonderful group to work with, they get the job done in the right manner and I’ve not had one issue!

  35. jonhseda

    another job well done

  36. tomlatham

    Excellent work again!

  37. kanebb

    5+ Orders and more to come πŸ™‚

  38. ross

    Great delivery, great backlinks with high da/dr. Very well done.

  39. taylor

    Very well described what steps they followed and help a lot for our page. Thanks to Backlinkhut

  40. katariagroup

    Very thorough and very efficient service! I really appreciate how match they explained everything to me. Really great experience!

  41. deanjohn

    Excellent service! Thank you

  42. groomit

    Good work as always

  43. sandroshubladze

    Great experience, thank you very much

  44. mattr1seoman

    Great work!

  45. chopperbao

    Another great project finished, thanks to Backlinkhut and there team. Excellent work, highly recommend.

  46. vinneet

    Good delivery As Usually

  47. ellsh54

    thanks so much! very high quality work!!

  48. shine

    Always happy to work with this expert

  49. steve

    Great job

  50. stevesankarkumarchel

    Excellent service and we are getting quick results. We will continue to hire for all our future requirements.

  51. toro2017

    Amazing Work started to see results before they had even finished!! Will be using monthly

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