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51 reviews for Facebook profile followers $8/1000

  1. boxobunch

    This seller has definitely added a new perspective to Marketing Research. I didn’t know what all went into this type of research, but this seller has went above and beyond.

  2. omarzinho

    BacklinkHut did a great job to understand what I had been doing in my advertising activities. They saw what the best performing ad set was and based on that provided me with a detailed action plan with relevant audiences and two target audiences which I am sure will provide great results.

  3. Homegh21

    I was looking for input into building an audience for my FB ads. I own a small online english language tutoring company. BacklinkHut communication was top notch. There commitment to timelines was conscientious. I was impressed by the quality of work. I would highly recommend BacklinkHut to anyone looking for more knowledge about their FB audience and about generally how to build a great FB follower. They are very experienced and very easy to work with.

  4. parliamentlight

    BacklinkHut is a fantastic communicator and a detailed researcher. It was a pleasure working with them. From start to finish they really understood what I was looking for and presented me with a highly detailed and professional report on his findings.

  5. studioyasuke

    They provided an incredibly detailed demographic break down of my target audience. They responds quickly, they are very professional and gave a comprehensive break down of all of the data he provided. If I could give him six stars I would. I will differently be coming back for repeat business!

  6. clarissarias

    This report has allowed me to achieve the results that I need to in half of the time that it used to take me and they are very thorough on the strategy calls. It’s almost like working with a partner at an agency. I just love this report.

  7. marloncurtis

    Very Communicative, Very knowledgeable thanks….

  8. chrisaljr

    BacklinkHut provides a service that is worth your money. They provides value for your money and more. Not only did I receive what I asked for, but they also provided extra helpful information about how I can improve every aspect of my business. I would definitely recommend them.

  9. rerekiki

    I can say that the delivery was a lot quicker, better and more detailed than I’d expected. They provides useful tips and extras that are helpful for beginners. Would definitely recommend! Thanks so much!

  10. roxihealth

    Wow the insights and information from BacklinkHut is very professional and detailed! Im really amazed at how much information they provides to try and help you scale. Definitely recommend to everyone!

  11. studioyasuke

    They provided an incredibly detailed demographic break down of my target audience. They responds quickly, They are very professional and gave a comprehensive break down of all of the data they provided.

  12. studioyasuke

    They provided an incredibly detailed demographic break down of my target audience. They responds quickly, They are very professional and gave a comprehensive break down of all of the data they provided.

  13. shifamaryyam

    Great experience!! They are very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. Definitely gained a lot of valuable information & I’m looking forward to creating solid results with this the audience research report that they’ve created

  14. clarissarias

    Thanks for the excellent work

  15. jeogosnk

    Impeccable experience. They knows what they doing. It’s a little bit more than I would usually pay on here but it’s definitely worth every penny if not more

  16. shacky8310

    Working with BacklinkHut has been great. Highly recommend!!

  17. bombchelle5

    Great plethora of information to get results. They offers any extra help for questions and spent a lot of time to deliver as promised. I would definitely recommend!

  18. igorwoorts

    this is a job that is really worth it. So much valuable information that will help me build my brand. Thank you very much Backlinkhut, I hope to work with you again in the future.

  19. danslh

    Great service provided! Professional is very communicative and did his best to understand our needs and goals. Also his production description is very accurate, the cheat sheet is of great help, as well the funnel strategy. Thank you once again!

  20. mandimarshall

    Very comprehensive, tailored for me information. They researched my market and history beforehand and was friendly and easy to communicate with. Beyond happy!

  21. ssptwdc

    Backlinkhut analysis was revealing and thorough. they went above and beyond, since I didn’t communicate something clearly in the beginning. they revised the whole analysis at his own initiative. Very committed….

  22. taneishaphillip

    BacklinkHut did a detailed job in providing market research and reports. I was very impressed. They communicated well and completed it in a timely manner. They are very friendly and comfortable for me to work with. I will be using their services again.

  23. shop27

    They were very helpful in breaking down what the report means and how we could utilize that information for accurate branding and marketing

  24. markwilkinsjr

    Extremely awesome work!! Saves you so much time. I will be using this service again. If you aren’t sure, you will be satisfied with the results!! Thanks again!

  25. dudleywinner

    it was a pleasure working with the backlinkhut i will definitely do other assignment with them when its convenient. how ever i will take a few hrs of work and find another landing page for them to work on

  26. atanamagic

    They not only did great work, but he was very patient with me. This was my first time doing this, and they were very , very helpful, and they got the job done for me in one day.

  27. garoh55555

    It was amazing! Awesome job!

  28. lesmaysoto

    Great Job will recommended.

  29. allomyshop

    Good job, thank you!

  30. aihsan

    They communicated very clearly and provided the work quickly

  31. lamontmcgriff

    Excellent Work!!

  32. lamontmc

    Good Work!!

  33. mandarinecm

    Keep to the promise.

  34. bobbywilliam862

    Great work

  35. zero210

    Fast delivery. I am waiting for the results.

  36. kutray01

    This is the 1st time I worked with backlinkhut. I am very shocked when I see that they completed my project within 12 hours. How is it possible to do such a wonderful job in such a short time! I don’t know. I believe that they are the best. They helped me so much. They are very professional and their communication skills are very good. A++++

  37. adgfdgg_sfdf

    Great service as always! Will be back again!

  38. kristy_prez

    Great job! I am very satisfied with their work. They are very professional. If you want to promote any service you can choose Backlinkhut. Highly recommended!

  39. angelica325

    BacklinkHut is an awesome. They did such a great job. There communication skill is very good. I recommend them to everyone.

  40. jemdream

    Quick and excellent! I highly recommend!

  41. arcemario2

    did a great job in revising and revisions. talented

  42. theexpertonair

    Very creative, talented, and fast. Communication is good and the Backlinkhut delivered the final design just like I wanted it.I highly recommend…

  43. kevinmorton

    Great job

  44. ccmkbm

    Great job! Delivery was fast and accurate. I will order again!

  45. kfil1652

    I was very happy with the work backlinkhut did. Their communications, they were always fast and clear. I expect to use them in the future.

  46. hannabennet

    Responsive, communication was great! Reply to my silly questions also. He has really great work ethics. Thank you

  47. joshutate

    This guy is amazing when it comes to facebook marketing. He response to my every query and communication was great. Highly recommended

  48. haileyaiston

    Very detailed and effective response. I got immediate results and my sales increased by 300%. His facebook marketing service is great. Highly recommended

  49. tmcm11

    took time to do proper research and made wonder delivery! excited to use this delivery immediately

  50. sikdernijami

    They are just amazing !. just look at my results and decide yourself. I am going to hire them again and again. Thanks

  51. mey2020

    He did as promised and delivered. thanks

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