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  1. Bloggers

Blogger is a no-cost blogging tool provided by Google to make it easy to share your thoughts to the world. Blogger is among the most well-known blogging websites and is among the easiest blogs to build and utilize. It is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike, Blogger’s beautiful design and layout have maintained it leading of the blog scene for many years.

2. Daily Motion

Dailymotion is all about discovering new ways to share, view and connect with the world via the potential of online video. Upload your own personal videos to be shared with the community, and then enjoy interesting and engaging video online until you are hurting. Dailymotion is among the top social media platforms worldwide because of a reason. There’s a wealth of video content from every corner of the globe.

3. Flickr

Share your most loved images or videos online at Flickr. The Yahoo! owned,, is the leading photo sharing website around the globe. It is easy and enjoyable to share your favorite images with your family or anyone else in the world. You can build an online photo gallery within a matter of minutes, decide how to present the photos, include captions and write brief descriptions. Flickr isn’t just a photo album . It’s an image blog and social community all in one.

4. issuu

Explore the world of books written published by both publishers and individuals. Share, collect and share your thoughts and ideas in a format that is designed to ensure that your documents appear the best they can. Issuu does more than help to publish your work but also makes you an even better writer. Issuu’s writing community can be very useful and lets you easily communicate with fellow writers, bloggers and networkers.

5. myspace

MySpace is the very first social media platform. It has seen many changes in the last 16 years but , just like it was in its beginnings, MySpace allows you to create a profile for yourself with every one of your friends and passions. You can change your profile to let all your contacts are aware of what you’re doing and how you feel. Users can find their acquaintances and classmates, make friends with new individuals, listen to free music, create playlists, read and write articles and share pictures, look up their top bands, view videos, and more. MySpace has a huge number of users and hundreds of videos and songs for you to explore.

6. Reddit is the first social network. Reddit is a collection of user-generated news and links from all over the internet. Users then vote to either promote stories to the top of the page or to knock them from the limelight. Also, you can read funny and shocking commentary about the top news stories by users on reddit who are just like you. Reddit’s community is huge well-educated, and enjoys the news on its website!

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is among the largest and most popular blogging platforms available online. Tumblr lets you easily post photos, text images, quotes, links videos, and music and then write down your thoughts and ideas, all while following your favourite tumblrs across the globe. Tumblr is based in New York and uses that trendy style to create stunning themes that are simple blogging platforms. You can publish within minutes and become famous by night thanks to Tumblr.

8. Vimeo

Vimeo is a friendly group of creative individuals who are committed to sharing the videos they create. Vimeo is more professional-oriented than YouTube. The videos that you can find on Vimeo are creative, artistic videos made by filmmakers, or even budding film enthusiasts. Vimeo continues to grow and is among the most popular video social networks on the internet.

9. YouTube

Youtube is a site that people can go to share videos with friends, share their own videos, leave comments on other videos, enjoy movies, TV shows or create playlists and make a personal Youtube channel. The site was launched in February of 2005. YouTube lets billions of users view, discover, and share original videos. YouTube offers a place for users to share their experiences with, educate and inspire people around the world. Youtube is also a distribution platform for your original content. You can also earn money through Youtube by allowing ads to be displayed in the content you upload to Youtube videos.

10. Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is a multinational media and technology firm that publishes feature and news stories on topics that range from breaking news coverage of politics to hilarious and snarky polls. BuzzFeed is famous for its viral content that is posted on social media, such as lists (for instance the title of a story could be 15 people who have to quit the cinema) or quizzes (Which film character are you?). As a Social Network, BuzzFeed allows users with accounts to publish their own stories on the same broad range of subjects. Members of the community can also post comments on the content of others or share it with their friends, vote for them, and so on.

11. Etsy

Etsy is among the largest and most popular marketplaces online where people purchase and sell hand-made items including art, craft, and other items. It’s simple to create your own shop and begin selling your products in a matter of just a few minutes. Etsy is the most active marketplace for handmade goods. Find unique gifts, favours invitations, clothing, toys and much more in this fantastic online market.

12. Imgur

Imgur is a photo-sharing site that is similar to Reddit. Users are able to vote up or down user-generated images. The photos with the highest ratings will be displayed in the upper part of the stream. Users are also able to comment on the photos. The community can decide whether to vote up or down comments from users. Comments are sorted by oldest, newest or the most highly ranked.

13. Linked In

LinkedIn is the best business social network for business. lets users make an online resume that highlights your previous and current job as well as your accomplishments and goals for the future. LinkedIn can help you expand and strengthen your existing relationships with trusted contacts by connecting with friends of friends as well as contacts of contacts. If you sign up for the LinkedIn professional service, you will access more tools and connections that will help you expand your business’s reach and eventually extend your network, without ever leaving your office.

14. Pinterest is among the most popular news websites in social media. It lets you save images of anything and everything you see on the internet. Pinterest offers a handy web browser tool that lets users pin images and videos from all over the internet. If you come across a cool wristwatch on your preferred shopping site, just save it! If you’ve watched a wonderful trailer for your upcoming film, you should save it! Users can post their pins to their family, friends, and followers. It’s a feed of photos as well as a bookmarking website. After you have pinned something, you are able to return to it later and locate it. Check out what everyone is talking about on

15. Slide Share

Sign up to SlideShare. It’s the world’s biggest community for sharing presentations. Share publicly, privately. Include audio in webinars. Create a well-crafted presentations for the team while learning from the content created by Slideshare which showcases the best presentation submitted in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Technology Education, Production and many more.

16. Hatena

It is located with its headquarters in Japan, Hatena Blog is an open-source blogging platform that’s feature-rich and simple to use. Create a blog on the site to share stories of your life, share your views and communicate your ideas and thoughts to the rest of humanity.

17. Pen is the most efficient publishing tool on the internet. It is possible to set up your blog in under an hour! Pen lets you completely personalize your blog using videos, photos, links, and tons of text. Join Pen and discover how easy it is to start a blog.

18. Live Journal is a free service for all your journaling and blogging needs. LiveJournal has been active for over 20 years and it offers a full blogging platform with privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates and more. Join LiveJournal today and watch your writing take off.

19. Moonfruit

The all-in-one hosting service, Moonfruit lets you design and publish your own site quickly and effortlessly. You will be given a subdomain on moonfruit, or you can link your domain’s names servers to moonfruit’s servers and be able to utilize the domain you own. Are you looking to make your moonfruit account more professional? Upgrade your free account to gain access to a wide range of features moonfruit provides to its premium clients.


OVRVU is a brand-new web-based tool to create websites. Utilizing OVRVU it will give you an uncluttered platform to utilize Markdown and . Markdown allows you to move your content to any location in the future , as it is an easily portable device to store every kind of texts. It doesn’t matter if you want to blog or share your creative thoughts or share your thoughts, you can do it by using OVRVU.

21. Hryzn

Hryzn provides its users with an opportunity to be creative and share what they like or want to know more about. If you love movies, food, politics, travel you’ll find an amazing new digital home on Hryzn.

22. Portfolio Box

Portfoliobox lets you create your own portfolio online. It lets you manage galleries, blogs, e-commerce and more.

23. Talium

Talium allows you to create and publish your content just 3 minutes! Send your recipes, ideas pictures, travel blog posts and just about anything else you could think of using beautiful pre-made themes and fonts. Get creative through Talium!

24. Zimbio

Zimbio has more than 25 million people across beauty, fashion, and entertainment. Brands can connect with this highly active and influential audience via highly impactful media placements as well as creative content integration.

25. DashBurst

26. Intense Debate

The comment system of IntenseDebate enhances and promotes discussion on your blog or site. It is possible to sign up to Intense Debate to browse millions of blogs, or join and set up your personal site and even a comment system. Intense Debate has grown to become one of the most popular commenting platforms.

27. Medium

Medium is a brand new publishing platform created through Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter. Medium is advertised as a blend of blogger and twitter, where users can publish content on all topics. Articles featured in the news are usually more valuable than blog posts because users can either vote for or suggest more interesting and/or more well-written content.

28. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is the one platform for marketing content that teaches you and gives you the tools needed to achieve your goals in content marketing. MyBlogU is an innovative community of bloggers and writers who are eager to share their experiences, case studies knowledge, digital assets, experience and experience to aid each other and receive assistance in return!

29. Own Free Website

In only 2 minutes you can make your own website for free. It’s an easy task and you don’t require any prior programming experience. Select a professional-looking design using the template and you’ll be set to start.

30. SailBlogs

SailBlogs is the top provider of map tracking and blogging solutions for sailors. For weekend sailing enthusiasts to cruisers and ocean racers, SailBlogs gives members access to web-based journals (blogs) as well as photo and video galleries, as well as map tracking to help them navigate their voyages.

31. Disqus

Disqus is an international comment system that helps improve discussion on web pages and links conversations across the internet. Disqus is rapidly becoming the most popular commenting service around the globe. Numerous top blogs are accepting Disqus logins to make comments on their posts. Make sure you have an Disqus account as soon as you can so you can participate in the discussion! or just let your heart out.

32. mioola

Mioola lets you experience the world in a fresh method. Follow business, subjects, and even people. Create collections of photos websites, pages and lists. Send messages and updates, news videos, and photos.

33. OpenDiary

Write about your life via OpenDiary. Keep track of your day-to- everyday life, tell the good times, and look back on the tough times. OpenDiary allows you to connect and share your diary with others. Find a support circle for those who are going through difficult times. OpenDiary

34. Page4

No matter if you’re a blogger, artist or business professional or an individual with a passion and interests, page4 gives you the tools needed to design and manage your website.

35. Scribbble

Writing can be difficult. You have so many different tools you can utilize, and numerous obstacles to overcome, that when you finally begin writing, you could lose your concentration. Scribbble can help to avoid this by providing an easy and speedy login and a variety of tools to ensure your content is appearing the way you would like it to look. Let us know your thoughts to the world on Scribbble!


  1. Barnacles

In a world where the majority of websites are designed with the interests of corporations with corporate interests in the forefront, Barnacles is determined to stand out. It was created, managed and operated by bootstrapped startups entrepreneurs. Post news about your company or brand, and also learn from those in the similar field.

2. Design Float

Design float is a social bookmarking website that lets users post and discusses the most recent news on the latest developments in technology and social media, as well as programming. Design float provides the latest design trends along with news about web design, as well as recent methods. Stay informed of all the latest news in development and design by signing up for Designfloat.

3. Exchangle

Exchangle, a popular social bookmarking website which lets you exchange links and other information with more than 100,000 users. With information on a vast range of subjects like epilepsy, gaming, marketing music, film technology, art social media, and many more there is something for everyone to require on Exchangle.

4. Library Thing

LibraryThing provides an internet-based service that helps users catalog their books quickly. You can access your library from any location, even your phone. Since everyone has a catalog, LibraryThing also connects people with the same library and provides suggestions for what you should go through next and so on.

5. Pinterest is among the most popular news websites in social media. It lets you put images of almost anything and anything that you discover online. Pinterest is a useful web browser that lets users pin images and videos from all over the internet. If you find a great wristwatch on your preferred online store, then save it! If you’ve watched a wonderful trailer for your upcoming film, then save it! Users can connect their board with their family, friends, and followers. It’s a photo feed as well as an online bookmarking service. When you pin something, you are able to revisit it and find it. See what everyone is talking about on

6. Sharelink is a platform for bookmarking that lets you customize and share how you would like to display your favourite websites. Create subpages to specific categories, and keep all of your favorite bookmarks in order.

7. That Is Me

A bookmarking service that creates customized links to websites, emails addresses, and many other sites all over the internet.

8. Wishlistr

Wishlistr is an easy-to-make use of web-based applications that assist you in organizing, collecting, and tracking the things you’d like. It also allows you to share these items with family and friends.

9. Bibsonomy

If you’re looking to make a bibliography for your scientific article or paper, Bibsonomy provides you with efficient and user-friendly tools which make the process simple. It is possible to add sources via ISBN or URL, collaborate with other groups and students and connect to third-party websites via API. Bibsonomy users can also utilize plugins for WordPress as well as Typo3 to create a more sophisticated bibliography.

10. Diggo

Diigo is a thriving community for sharing knowledge. Users can upload and share content from all categories, industries, and even from countries around the world. Diigo’s browser extension tool lets users highlight important elements of a page or article, and then share the information with the community to allow for comments and discussion.

11. Folkd is a Social Bookmarking site that allows its users to save their favorite bookmarks online, and share them with their friends, family and followers. The folkd community is one of the largest and most active bookmarking communities in the world.

12. Link fox

Link Fox is a URL shortening service that offers an interface to simplify your URL sharing. Instead of sharing a single link at a time it is possible to share bundles which is a collection of linked. It will be any more trouble sharing links than by using a single, easy-to-remember address for your bundle because of Link Fox.

13. Posteet

An online bookmarking community where members can submit their favourite sites codes, tricks, tips and techniques. This community is targeted toward the development and programming community. It also has a wide range of sources of useful information and shortcuts to assist developers.

14. Singlelink

Singlelink is a great bookmarking service that allows you to create a profile for yourself and provide links to everything you’d like to. Blogs, social media profiles as well as your most loved web comic, websites where your work have been published, or anything else. Onelink lets sharing be as simple as it can be.

15. URL Organizer

All your favourite links can be stored in one place that you can access from any device. Your bookmarks can be shared with everyone.

16. Zoolit

Zoolit is a sharing Web page that allows you to list all your website links for others. It is a social bookmarking website similar to the original web 2.0 sites.

17. Bitly, a bookmarking site that allows URL redirection and real-time link tracking, is available. allows you to shorten any URL, no matter how long. These are great for sharing on Twitter, FB, and randomlyizing long, unattractive links. Share links you find with the world by collecting and sharing them!

18. Drop Mark

Dropmark is the best option for internet users who want to organize their online lives in a visually appealing and easy way. Dropmark will eliminate the need to continue storing, filing, and sorting important digital information. This innovative app allows users to organize all their files and links into a beautiful collection.

19. GGather

Users can import bookmarks and manage them using ggather. To share and collect sites you care about, click and drag a bookmarklet.

20. Luma

Luma allows you to organize and share Zoom meetings using a simple interface. Luma will ensure that all your attendees are aware of the event, and can easily search for information about upcoming meetings.

21. Quicklinkr

Quicklinkr is a bookmarking program that makes it easy to share URLs with your friends and family. You can either share your bookmarks publicly or create private folders. Quicklinkr allows you to import URLs quickly and create your personal bookmarks.

22. Sitejot

Sitejot allows you to easily share your favourite places on the Internet with a public bookmark manager. Sitejot makes it easy to share news, art, music, and other content.

23. Wanelo

Wanelo allows you to share your favourite things with the world. Wanelo has everything you need: tea cups, furniture and paintings, as well as tea cups, tea cups, clothing, shoes, bicycles, pets, and almost any other item that you can think of.

24. Bookmax

Bookmax offers robust tools for importing and exporting bookmarks in a shareable format. It integrates into your browser and allows you to make memos. Additionally, it creates a newsfeed that is based on the bookmarks imported. Bookmax makes it easy to keep track of your online activities.

25. Enchme

Ench me allows you to create a micro landing site that you can share on social media like Instagram and Twitter. It allows bloggers, content creators as well streamers, influencers, and everyone else to create one page that displays their social media presence.

26. Instapaper

Instapaper is the best tool to save web content and make it easy to read. Instapaper allows you to highlight and save any article. All your highlights are instantly synced to all of your mobile devices and

27. Mix

Mix was founded by former StumbleUpon employees. This site was an early pioneer in social bookmarking, and one of the most beloved in the field. Mix, while still a social bookmarking website, is quite a different site.

28. Refind

Refind gives you the 10 most popular stories from different industries that you’re interested in. Find stories in categories such as marketing seo UX, product design and entrepreneurs, blockchain design, business and gaming, education, science and a myriad of other categories. Find news and articles from thought-leaders in the fields that you choose and delivered to you daily.

29. Symbaloo

You can access your bookmarks and your online favorites using Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking service available in the cloud. Pro versions are available for businesses and education

30. We Heart it

Social bookmarking brings together imagination and creativity. This community lets you upload images that show your personality, add tags to them and find similar users who publish great content across the internet. The site is designed to be a fashion platform.


1. Ads of the world

Ads of the World is an archive of advertising and a community that presents new campaigns each day all over the world. It is essential for any advertiser, no matter what kind of marketing you’re involved with. Discover the latest and most innovative advertisements from around the world.

2. Brijj

Brijj is a network site that allows professionals to network with their colleagues. Find work opportunities or connect with headhunters who could find jobs for you. Brijj provides an exceptional experience for those from different industries like finance, technology and healthcare, construction and many other sectors.

3. Entre

Entre is an online social networking site for entrepreneurs who want to network and build your professional connections. If you’re seeking to expand your connections and knowledge in the areas of education, influence marketing, entrepreneurship, marketing or a variety of different industries, Entre will provide you with the tools to achieve this. Find your new business partner or mentor on Entre!

4. Crevado

If you’re searching for an entirely modern website for managing your CV or resume, Crevado has what you want. With plans that are available for both free and pay-per-month plans with e-commerce capabilities, Crevado is sure to present your professional resume with a style that will impress you and attract attention to you’ve done with your work.

5. Gum Road

A marketplace platform that can help creators to take charge of their careers as creative professionals. Content is sold through the marketplace by more than 38,589 writers, bloggers and artists. Don’t let your customers go on iTunes and Amazon. Control your company.

6. Nation

If you’re looking to organize your business, Notion is sure to provide you with the tools needed to be successful. Notion has everything you need all in one place. If you’re seeking for a replacement to Evernote, Notion has what you’re seeking. With powerful CRM tools such as knowledge base creation as well as task and project management, and databases. Notion helps you to be more efficient and organized. This is ideal for both individual users as well as businesses.

7. Ryze

Ryze assists users in connecting and build the business network they have built. It is possible to build your career and lifestyle by finding a job and earn sales through the Ryze website. Keep in touch with your colleagues and friends. Ryze is the best social network for any profession you may be involved in.

8. The Creative Finder

The Creative Finder allows you to showcase your work professionally through a platform that offers choices that range from free with ads to a premium plan which unlocks the full potential of the website. Send an image of your work, build an portfolio, upload 25 images, and include watermarks to protect your work. Through The Creative Finder, you will be noticed by potential customers, gain followers, and get updates.

9. Weblo was established in response to one simple query: “Why do only big businesses earn profits?” Weblo is a virtual world in which members own everything they like. Weblo can be described as a digital replica from the actual world. Weblo provides everyone with the opportunity to buy the best items they’ve always desired. is brimming with useful information, videos, audio images and other things. Anyone can make fame and fortune from doing what they enjoy doing via the Net. With you can be recognized for your online fame and imagination.

10. AngelList

AngelList is a business-oriented community where startups and the world meet. AngelList is an online platform for startupscreated by guys from Venture Hacks.

11. Clarity

Clarity connects successful entrepreneurs to experts who can provide suggestions on how best to create or grow your business. Are you having issues with your PR? Do you need help with product design? Are you looking for financing? Clarity has experts who can answer all of your questions by calling. Find the expert you need at Clarity.

12. CV

CV is an open platform to help you with resumes and CV making and sharing. CV allows you to gather your data using optimized typography that allows for easy sharing, as well as fast and easy printing, so you can take your CV with you to the next interview.

13. Gust

Gust is a site which gives its users the opportunity to analyze and grow their start-up companies. No matter if your venture is being developed or is operating and making a profit Gust offers a variety of tools that can be used to assess the financial condition of your company and legal or accounting issues.

14. oGoing

If you have some great news regarding your business that you would like to share, or social media updates that you can share with your customers, connect among other entrepreneurs and boost your site’s rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, oGoing Business Network will have you covered. With more than 28 small and medium-sized companies across America, there is a huge opportunity for you to connect with small and medium-sized businesses United States, there is an endless number of connections you can create with OGoing.

15. Slide Server

SlideServe is the most efficient way to upload as well as Share PowerPoint presentations with the rest of the world. With SlideServe’s amazing tools and features, you can prepare your presentation in just three clicks. Utilize lead generation tools to convert your people you want to reach to potential leads for business.

16. Trading View

Get up-to-date information and market information. Simple and easy for novices and robust enough for experienced chartists. TradingView includes all the charting tools that you require to present and share trading strategies. Charts that are real-time and based on browsers allow you to conduct your research wherever you are, since there aren’t any installations or complex configurations.

17. Yumpu

Transform your PDF into a stunning online publication. Your PDFs can be displayed on your site, social media, and in email newsletters.

18. Author Stream

A platform to share PowerPoint presentations over the Internet with coworkers and getting feedback. AuthorSTREAM allows users to download videos as presentations so they can watch the presentations offline.

19. Contently

A platform that offers freelance creatives the chance to collaborate with top brands on projects that pay handsomely. On it, the freelancers that are matched with brands can present ideas, present work and receive instant payment at once.

20. eBay

eBay is the largest online marketplace with users being the sellers and buyers. Sell anything you’d like to from Xylophones to Abrollers. eBay allows you to establish a shop and then list your products. Paypal makes it even simpler to make and receive online payments.

21. The Motely Fool

The Motley Fool is a financial-services network dedicated to building the world’s greatest investment community. The Fool reaches millions of people each month through its website, books, newspaper column, television appearances, and subscription newsletter services. The Motley Fool is your best source for an individual investor. The company’s name was taken from Shakespeare, whose wise fools instructed and amused, and could speak the truth to the king – without getting their heads lopped off.

22. Linked In

LinkedIn is the best social network for business. lets users build an online resume that lists your current and past jobs achievements, as well as future goals. LinkedIn helps you strengthen and expand your existing contacts by connecting you to friends of friends as well as contacts from contacts. If you sign up for the LinkedIn professional service, you will receive more options and tools that help to expand your reach for business and finally network without leaving your office.

23. Profnet Connect

ProfNet Connect, the Expert Connection is a service offered through PR Newswire which allows other PR professionals to get connected to the world of PR. PR Newswire is the premier worldwide platform for multimedia that empower sustainability officers, corporate communicators the public relations and investment relations officials to make use of content to connect with their main audiences.

24. SquareCash

Select a hashtag that is $CASH and post a link on Create a free profile to be the money of your family or friend quickly.

25. TrepUp

TrepUp lets its users build business profiles that display the most recent information about your company as well as your business on a beautifully designed page.

26. Bigger Pockets

BiggerPockets is a Real Estate investing guide and social network for real estate. Users can get information on the strategy of investing in real estate as well as the rules and regulations, and you can also find free tips and suggestions about how to make better deals and make your investment turn into a significant profit.

27. Contra

Contra allows you to create your personal professional network. It will connect you with employers, regardless of whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time or freelance work. Find jobs, network, and communicate with those who will be a good fit to your needs on Contra!

28. edocr offers a highly interactive environment to publish and distribute the organization’s documents on the Internet. After uploading to it is possible for both the business and the edocr community may begin to distribute the documents to colleagues and friends as well as the most popular social networks in the world. Additionally, Google and other search engines will ensure that the documents can be found quickly, thereby providing the company with a an important global market.

29. Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction brings customers as well as employees of the company together to create a better experience for all. The best ideas and solutions can come from any source We just have to try to bring them to those who can take action on it.

30. n49

n49 is a website that provides reviews and information on local businesses that are posted by both users and the business owners themselves. If you’re searching for electrician, plumber restaurant, contractor or lawyer You’ll get what you’re looking for at the n49 website!

31. Referral Key

A new and exciting business networking website, Referral Key allows all professionals to share contact information and connect virtually via various social networks, tools and connections. Referral Key is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and suppliers.

32. Storeboard

Storeboard is a network site that allows every business to set up an online profile page. Through the profile, the business can share contact details, pictures audios, videos, blogs coupons, products and links to sites. Businesses can also sell their goods through Storeboard. Through removing the obstacles to online sales that smaller and mid-sized companies currently face, Storeboard is a great solution to sell your products.

33. Venmo

Pay money securely. Pay anyone using a Venmo account immediately using the money that you have in Venmo or by linking your debit or bank account immediately.


  1. AcademiaEDU is a platform that allows academics to publish research papers. Its goal is to speed up the pace of world research. Users are able to upload their own research or review peer-reviewed work and offer input to research communities.

2. Blurb

Blurb is a fan of books. They’ve developed a unique publishing service that’s simple enough to let anyone become an author – each blogger, cook, photographer or parent, poet, traveler owner, marketer and student. Blurb allows you to self-publish the books you write, no matter if it’s an e-book, cookbook or portfolio, what ever. Make use of their easy-to-use software and start publishing your own books now!

3. Catster

Catster, a social network platform. Members can create pet-related pages which other users are able to engage with through the giving of treats or other virtual goods. Virtual currency can be bought or exchanged for other members by participating in actions via the site. The Catster magazines subscription also is available.

4. Duno hopes to be the biggest completely free forum for discussion worldwide.

5. Facebook

Facebook is the top Social Network on the web and the second most frequented website on the internet. Facebook was established on February 4, 2004 , by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is a social media site connecting people across the globe with their families, friends colleagues, classmates, and coworkers. Facebook can also allow you to communicate with your favorite musicians as well as local stores by sharing pictures or comments, as well as asking questions.

6. Fluther

Fluther is a question and Answer social network. If you have a question, simply ask Fluther, and they’ll send it to the right group of members that can most effectively you with your query. There are two major areas on the homepage: the General section and the Social. General is more precise with factual answers, while Social is always a good place to have laughter or an serious debate.

7. HalloCosplay

HalloCosplay is a site dedicated to sharing pictures of cosplay and other information. Dress up in your favourite game, anime or manga character, and meet other cosplayers! If you’re a casual cosplayer doing this just for enjoyment, or an experienced professional, you’ll be able to find incredible photos that can be the inspiration for your next costume.

8. kickstarter

Kickstarter is a brand new method to finance creative projects. A place for everything from games, films and music to design, art, and even technology. Kickstarter is full of ideas both small and large, that come to life by the direct help of those like you. Since the launch of Kickstarter at the end of 2009 8.6 million pledged over $1.7 billion, enabling 85,000 innovative projects. Many creative projects are seeking funds through Kickstarter at present.

9. myLot

myLot is an online social network that lets users join discussions about any subject. Did you spot an animal while taking walks? Did you finish a great book? Did you like or dislike the most recent episode of your favorite television show? Do you want to meet new people? myLot connects its millions of users to chat about the various topics mentioned above as well as many more.

10. PinkBike

Visit for the most up-to-date mountain biking and cycling news, videos of freeride, photos, events , and more. Upload your own bike pictures or videos for online submission. Purchase the most recent biking dvds as well as videos. Review the race results.

11. Reality Sandwich

Reality Sandwich is a magazine that offers ideas for the transformational community. Together, these issues constitute the core of a new, vibrant transformative culture that addresses the spiritual, social and environmental crises of our times.

12. Spacehey

Spacehey is aiming to take users back to the simple internet and social media platforms. What are you feeling today? Do you want to make new acquaintances? Are you thinking of an article for a blog? Visit Spacehey! You’ll meet thousands of users seeking to connect with people who are new to them. Personalize your URL, post details about yourself, and connect with like-minded people.

13. Sqeeqee

The Social Networking Monetization Site and Application (pronounced “Squeaky”) The free membership is a revolutionary digital and social commerce platform that offers business and private individuals entrepreneurs, start-ups, celebrity politicians, as well as non-profit organizations the capability to earn monetization and ad revenue from their profiles that socially interact with niche demographics, market to them as well as search for data to boost their wealth and boost their net worth through their Sqeeqee social monetization platform. It is the only site worldwide where the concept of social networthing(r) is the way users make money.

14. Tagged

Tagged lets users post messages, make comments, browse pictures or videos and play games, as well as send tags and chat. Meet your friends through Tagged and engage with them, and maybe make new ones while you’re there.

15. TokoTech was founded with one purpose in mind: to ensure the privacy of its users in a way that other social media platforms had not. Communicate what you like with people you trust, and know that your information is secure through Toko.Tech. Find groups of people who have the same interests as you, including news, anime television, gaming entertainment, and many more.

16. Trickle

Trickle’s goal is to facilitate learning and make it as simple and easy as it could be. We are bombarded by a myriad of in information. Some of it is questionable and using Trickle you can sort all that out and gain knowledge in only 10 minutes each day.

17. Veggsocial

Veggsocial is a platform that was created to allow vegans and vegetarians around the globe to share their top restaurants, include them on the itinerary. Check their menus, determine their opening hours, and plan an excellent meat-free food.

18. Woddal

Woddal connects users across the globe all in one simple to navigate and use interface. Post photos, news information, event invitations and more with fellow users. Sell any items you’ve got lying around in your home on the marketplace. You can also create and publish to blogs to communicate your thoughts to your family and friends.

19. Amino

Amino allows you to connect with people with a wide range of interest. If you’re interested in science and technology, films, books or cooking, travel or another passion, there’s a huge network of people across the globe seeking to connect, debate and grow! Explore, learn and have fun while you meet like-minded individuals on Amino!

20. Bookcrossing

BookCrossing is a library that is world-wide, providing a social network that strives to keep track of every single book written. With millions of ebooks and huge numbers of members, it makes it easier for readers to read, sign-up and publish books to others for them to enjoy. BookCrossing is a social media platform that is designed for people who love read and wish to meet other avid readers.

21. CrowdRise

CrowdRise is an emerging platform that allows charities and individuals to accept donations for a range of causes. With more than 1.5 million charities operating it is easy to find the causes you’d like to help on CrowdRise.

22. Empire Avenue

This is the Social Media Exchange – Buy or sell your friends’ profiles and control all of the people on social media. Similar to the stock market, Empire Avenue is a stock marketplace to sell your online presence. Business and individuals can purchase and sell their own shares. Meet more people and get followed by major names to boost your social worth. An enjoyable and rewarding strategy to take advantage of the market of social media!

23. FaceParty

Faceparty members can create an account for free, on where they can upload photos and videos. Members can search for one another using keywords gender, age sexuality, location and gender. They can communicate with each other via instant messaging.

24. follr

A fan and team supporters with complete communication access. Connects you and allows you to gather all the major platforms together in one place.

25. Hub Pages

HubPages can be your on-line platform to share your thoughts review, tips, and reviews ideas, thoughts and views along with hundreds of authors. HubPages lets users make hubs that really target the attention of other users to specific details. Hubs can include an entire library of research as well as information on the subject.

26. Kiwi Box

Kiwibox is a community for teens created by teens. It’s wrapped in an internet-based magazine, where teens can receive fashion tips, advice and even chat. Teens love this service because the editors are teenagers themselves and are aware of what the community wants and requires!

27. Minds is a social network that boasts a expanding community. An open source, free and secure social network platform. Minds are collaborating to build an internet that is truly representative of the collective consciousness and growth of our society. Every account created empowers the process of gaining Internet freedom.

28. Post Crossing

It’s a program that lets anyone get real postcards on paper from random locations around the globe. When you mail a card via PostCrossing and you receive one from an unidentified Postcrosser situated somewhere in this vast world. An extremely enjoyable social media platform with a great physical characteristics!

29. ServZip

ServZip is a rapidly growing directory of businesses that allows you to find local businesses and services in the area you reside regardless of the location you reside in. If you require plumbing, HVAC work, a landscaper or any regular household repairs or other services, ServZip will set you up with professionals who will handle any issue you’re trying to fix.

30. SpatialChat

SpatialChat has three chat rooms that can accommodate up to 25 persons for families and friends to get together. Make use of it to satisfy your business needs to collaborate, screen share and collaborate while working remotely to boost your productivity. SpatialChat provides you with the tools to keep in touch.

31. sqwok

Sqwok is a social media platform that brings people from all over globe meet to discuss different issues. Sqwok is an aggregator of news that draws from many different sources and lets users engage in discussions and comments. With real-time chat, you’ll be able to engage in an enjoyable and fascinating discussion about health as well as world news, technology, sports and any other subject you can imagine.

32. Taking It Global

Taking IT Global is a community that promotes awareness and provides solutions to various global issues. These issues include education, culture, globalization, the environment as well as human rights, health media, peace, and technology. Tigweb was created as a proactive approach, and is targeted towards youth/young educators, organizations, and other groups. Tigweb is a one-stop shop for people to connect and share ideas.

33. Toluna

Toluna Make and take part in online polls , surveys and opinions, and test products for free, and earn rewards.

34. TwellMe

Twell.Me is a brand new social media platform that is designed for connecting users. Find new friends online, discuss your most loved interests and hobbies. You can also learn about others and build relationships on this upcoming social media site for messaging.

35. Voat

Voat(pronounced vote) was began operations in April 2014, as a media aggregator site that allows user-created content. Like Reddit users are able to post any kind of content that is legal such as videos, questions and even commentary. Voat’s task is to combine everything into a coherent web-based world, making it easier to discover the things that interest you.

36. Writting

Writing.Com is open to writers of all types and abilities. If you’re a writer searching for the perfect location to archive and showcase your stories, poems, and other writings, or an avid reader who would like to provide feedback to our writers as well as their writing This is the site for you.

37. Answer Bag

A community on the internet in which you can post questions and get feedback and comments from fellow members. Users can also make an online conversation to discuss ideas with other members.

38. Book Mooch

BookMooch is an online community that allows you to trade used books. BookMooch lets you donate books that you don’t need anymore in exchange for books that you truly want.

39. devRant

devRant is a platform for social interaction for developers to share their issues in the field of development, and in life generally.

40. eNetGet

eNetGet connects all of the world through a social network that lets its users connect with each other as they share interests and networks. Post your photos and videos Join groups of like-minded or different inclined people and discover and broaden your perspective.

41. Fan Fiction

FanFiction.Net can be described as an automatic archive of fan fiction website. FanFiction.Net is the biggest and most well-known fanfiction site around the globe. It boasts 2.2 million members and publishes stories in more than 30 languages.

42. Forumotion

Forumotion lets you build your own forum with modernBB, phpBB3 Invision, punBB or. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to start forums to discuss music, marketing, movies or games or travel, or anything else, Forumotion is easy to begin and run.

43. Hubski

Hubski is a forum for discussing thoughtful information and having a conversation. Here you will find interesting stories, thoughts and news, as well as connect with other users.

44. Mogul

The company was created by Tiffany and David Pham, Mogul is a social network that puts tools for professional and personal development and growth right in your hands. Mogul offers literature, events and channels for you to connect with other people, among other features that are beneficial. If you require assistance in setting a new goal or reaching the one you’ve decided to reach Mogul will give you the tools to help you make your goals and your dreams come true.

45. NaNoWrimo

NaNoWriMo also known as National Novel Writing Month, is a site for people who are interested in community that aims to write the required amount of words every day. Your ultimate objective is to finish your novel during November. NaNoWriMo is a exercise for experienced writers and novice writers.

46. PowerShow

PowerShow comes with tools that let you to design and publish presentations. PowerShow lets you create and share PowerPoint presentations. Upload images, add effects and modify it so that you can present your work to the world. Make a presentation you’ve already made and upload it with your colleagues.

47. Sky Rock

Skyrock is a global social networking site that focuses on blogging. They also allow sharing of videos, music as well as photos. There are more than 600 million posts on Skyrock and more than 4 , billion users have commented! Join today and meet some interesting bloggers from all over the world.

48. Sportsa

Teamster is a fun community for everyone who loves sports. If you coach, play or are the parent of players, run an organization or sell a sporting goods, Teamster provides you with an ever-growing and secure community that will simplify and increase your involvement in this world. Soccer, basketball, baseball hockey, lacrosse, and everything else you could imagine is possible on Teamster!

49. Steam

As part of Valve, Steam is a gaming platform that provides various games directly to the desktop of a computer. Steam has a library of approximately 30,000 games from major publishers like Electronic Arts, Squareenix, Microsoft and many more. Steam is also the only home for one of the largest free-to-play games in the world, DOTA2.

50. Taringa

Taringa is an Spanish social networking website that was designed for users to connect to share information and knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Meet people to discuss music art, technology and pop culture, films memes, politics, memes and games.

51. Triberr

Triberr provides tools to allow you to increase your reach and focus upon content-based marketing. With the content producers who are on Youtube as well as Blogger in mind, there are ways to interact with your fellow creators and influencers. There are people who share passions in various topics such as history, fitness games, humor film photography and real estate, web development podcasting, and any other topic you could think of. Triberr lets you communicate with and interact with other people right in your hand.

52. UnityMix

UnityMix is a platform that allows bloggers to share their news, pictures and other updates with fellow bloggers. Let the world know the things you’re up to with your blog or your vlog. Connect with others who share similar interests or find out about a passion you didn’t knew you were interested in. UnityMix connects you to the world.

53. Wire Club

You can easily set up and start your own chat room online as well as join in one of rooms currently in operation. The site hosts hundreds of users who chat about topics ranging such as philosophy, to private chats for adults.

54. Yuku

Yuku is a world of social networks for free joined by passions and people. Create a social networking forum in minutes or join any of the thousands of forums, social networks, and social networks in the YukuVerse.

55. beBee

A community-driven platform that connects professionals who are soon to be professionals as well as other leaders in the industry and market on one platform to showcase and educate their specific professions and skills.

56. Boonex

It is the BoonEx purpose is to Unite People. Boonex encourages its users to join forces to achieve personal and global goals. The whole world can be transformed into a caring humane, caring and loving community. BoonEx is capable of doing it. BoonEx explores and showcases the benefits of collaboration in both business and social relationships. Users can download software for free and start your own personal social network, dating site , or online community.

57. Dogster

Dogster is a social network. Members can create pet-related pages which others can interact with through the exchange of sweets or any other goods. Virtual currency is available to purchase or exchanged for other members by participating in actions via the site. A Dogster magazine subscription is also available.

58. Eventful

Find local music and events performances by your favorite musicians and artists from your city, or across the globe on Eventful. You can get notifications via email when your favourite artists are playing on the scene, or look through the database to see the events that are happening near you this weekend. You can also leave comments or ask queries to the bands as well as other users.

59. Fixya

Fixya is a wonderful resource for information on support for consumer electronics and appliances. It also offers repair assistance guides, manuals FAQs, troubleshooting and other information for your most loved electronic gadgets.

60. goodreads

Goodreads is a place for discussing books and making suggestions to others who are searching for new reading materials. Goodreads is the best platform to discover the latest novel or author, and then discuss your thoughts with the community.

61. IMfaceplate

IMfaceplate is an online tool for branding social media accessible to everyone for free. It allows you to upload photos and post your RSS feed, join to your Youtube as well as Twitter feeds, and show all this information on one website.

62. Link Centre

Link Centre is an internet directory that has over 500,000 people. If you own a company or brand you’re proud of and want to make known to the world then this is the right place. If you have discovered a website you think would be beneficial for people to be aware of You can help share the news via Link Centre.

63. Moptu

Moptu is a social network for those who are obsessed with news. Moptu was born out of a dream of a website that would take away the comments about the food you ate at dinner, what you think of as your political opinions and your uncle’s upcoming vacation and focus on what you value most that is news. Moptu is a news site that provides articles and news on every subject that you can think of in a simple to navigate website that has hundreds of thousand of customers.

64. OCD Action

OCD Action is an UK community that allows those suffering with OCD to meet other people and find support that can help them manage. OCD Action also connects visitors with ways to help the cause through financial donations as well as volunteer efforts.

65. Pro Boards

Welcome to the world’s most popular free forum hosting service! Discover the reasons the many reasons people choose ProBoards to build forums for themselves and for their friends. ProBoards is the ideal location to set up a free and simple forum to discuss whatever you’re interested. Your friends and you can talk about your most loved subjects until the cows come home. If you’re bored, you can start a new forum!

66. Slide Share

Sign up to SlideShare. It’s the largest social network for sharing presentations. Share publicly, privately. You can also add audio to webinars. Make a stunning presentations for the team as you learn from the content provided by Slideshare featuring the top presented presentations from the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Technology Education, Production and many more.

67. Spruz

Spruz is an application that lets you create and manage your personal social network , with just those who you wish to be part of it. You can create a sharing website or even a forum to talk about the latest news, sports or politics. Anything you can think of you can do with Spruz!

68. Step Talks

Steptalks is a popular social network site that has an increased interest in a simplified user experience. By removing frills like photo sharing, and focusing instead on text, which has doubled its capacity for messages, StepTalks is focused on giving users a platform to exchange information about computers and technological.

69. Think Up

ThinkUp is a website created to assist you in saving money at your most-loved retail stores. It’s a social network dedicated to sharing bargains with each other. In this day and age, with the many who live pay-to-paycheck, ThinkUp is a valuable source to save money. Go through ThinkUp for deals on your most loved brand names and items.

70. Tribyo

Tribyo is an online social networking site that was created to connect fans with all kinds of interests. Art, music, games as well as sports, nature and many more are all discussed. If you’re seeking to know more or make connections with others who share your interests, Tribyo offers plenty to provide.

71. Untappd

Untappd is a brand new method to connect and share the world of beers with your friends and with the rest of the world at large. Are you curious about what your friends are drinking, or what they’re drinking? You can check their profiles and you can comment and toast on their drinks! Untappd can provide you with beer suggestions according to what you and your pals are enjoying and will give you no excuse to not explore something different! In addition, Untappd allows you to get a variety of cool badges when you meet various criteria.

72. WittyProfiles

Witty Profiles is a family of 400k writers. Create funny Status messages and romantic poems and inspiring stories.

73. Yuuby

Yuuby as You Bee It’s the most effective way make friends and meet people outside the boundaries of your social circle! With a scable interface, you can publish any content that you see on the internet and discuss it with others who share similar interests to yours.


  1. Art Fire

ArtFire is an ArtFire community is always creating creative products and developing new ideas. Every member could be the next trend-setting artisan.

2. Canva

Canva is a simple tool that allows anyone to be web designers. Through the dashboard of Canva, anyone can design amazing web designs for websites or whatever else they want. Canva provides a huge collection of pre-designed images, images and icons to meet your design requirements.

3. Coolors

Visual artists can design color schemes using this unique tool. It’s a super-fast color scheme generator! Create the perfect palettes in just a few seconds.

4. GigBucks

Gigbucks provides a cost-free and simple website for freelancers web musicians, marketers, programmers writers, artists, video creators translators, seo experts, translators advertising and business experts giving advice or any other thing that people would like to pay for.

5. LookBook

LOOKBOOK is the first community-generated and user-generated gallery that showcases the best fashion and style photos taken by every day people all over the world.

6. QBN

QBN – For A Better Tomorrow. Design industry news and discussion for all. Users can also search for job opportunities in the fields of technology and creativity typically online however, there are also hundreds of every day new jobs in radio, print development, design and more.

7. ZillionsDesigns

A platform that crownssourcing for logos and graphic design, bringing together designers and brands. Design contests are launched for logos websites, business cards, logos, designs, and much more.

8. Behance

Portfolios, projects, and collaborations. A brand new platform for the professional creative community. Behance lets professionals create and update their work on one platform and then share it with the world efficiently. Businesses can explore their work of artists and connect with talent across the globe. Behance helps to connect artists and producers across the globe. Behance is the top online platform for artists to showcase and discover innovative work.

9. Chairish

Chairish is the top online marketplace for lovers of design to buy and sell trendy antique furniture, decor, and artwork. Chairish is America’s biggest and fastest-growing marketplace that is dedicated to home decor and design.

10. Dasauge

Dasauge is an UK designed sharing platform based in the UK. If you’re working in the areas of design work, agency work jobs and photography, development of content as well as multimedia work, then you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge through Dasauge and its vast user base of professionals.

11. Houzz

Houzz provides an online marketplace that specializes in design and remodeling of homes. Houzz brings together millions of designers, homeowners, and professional home improvement experts across the United States and across the world.

12. My Folio

An online art gallery which allows users to upload videos and photos for other users to view and evaluate. My Folio lets artists create a their portfolios online for free, which could be used for future job opportunities or sales, clients or simply to spread their work on the internet.

13. Society6

Society6 is a community-generated gallery of work from hundreds of thousands artists all over the world. They offer a variety of formats and venues for selling their work without compromising control over your IP rights.

14. Boostlizer

Boostlizer is an online platform that lets designers from around the world to showcase their fresh and innovative design work on one stunning and inspirational website. Consider Boostlizer as a space to connect, share ideas, and expand. Your innovative submission could be the next to get the daily boost based on votes or the monthly boost , if you can really impress the judges. Take a look at Boostlizer to learn more and share now.

15. Chicktopia

Chictopia is the most popular online destination for fashion-conscious people to get inspired, connect with others and be part of the fashion. Chictopia is the world’s largest online destination for fashion-conscious people. Chictopia is a place for women who are determined to change the way we think about fashion.

16. Designspiration

Designspiration is a source to help you discover and share the best designs. The focus of the site is to maintain the highest quality of design inspiration that can be shared with the globe. It’s a non-sexual environment therefore browsing from any time any time, from anywhere is secure.

17. Haverboard

A space for makers, designers, and the creative to showcase an effective and simple collection of the work they have done.

18. Pledge Music

PledgeMusic is a full-service streaming platform for music that connects musicians and their fans right from the time they walk into the studio until the release of a song until the conclusion of a tour and then back.

19. Vecteezy

One of the biggest online communities of vector graphics. Find artists and art. Collaborate online. Join the community.

20. Bruda Style

Community site for those who are already familiar with sowing or are interested in learning. It includes tutorials, guidebooks, and other books, and hundreds of patterns and projects suitable for all levels of sowing.

21. Colour Lover

Get design inspiration from thousands of colors and palettes schemes that you will be captivated by. ColourLovers allows users to influence the color trends through rating comments, sharing and rating their own creations, and also sharing their top designs as well as their favorite colors and designs from this incredibly creative community.

22. Dwell

Dwell Media is an inspiration and collaboration platform for designers, architects and others to share their ideas and learn about amazing design.

23. Jimdo

Jimdo is an all-in-one web-based solution (similar in concept to WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.). It provides an easy-to-use and professional website editing tool that includes hosting, as well as upgrade options for users who are registered, such as domain name registration as well as email accounts. Claim your own space on the internet and build stunning websites using their drag-and-drop interface, which comes with lots of storage space and tools.

24. Pond5

Pond5 is the largest collection of stock video, images and music. Find the appropriate media to suit your vision of creativity for your business or personal brand , or to protect your. Pond5 offers both paid and free assets to help you with your marketing and promotional campaigns. Find the most efficient way to market your product Bring your idea to life using Pond5.

25. WittyGraphy

WhittyGraphy could be described as the Pinterest of characters. Find amazing drawings of all kinds of people from famous to self-drawn portraits.


  1. 9gag

9gag allows you to find daily memes and gifs. They were initially known for their Instagram humor and strong social media presence. Due to their viral content, they built and maintained a loyal following. The launch of the 9gag website was an obvious progression from their growing social media following.

2. Chess

Learn how to play chess. You can play against other members, yourself, or invite your friends to play against you. You will improve your chess skills so you are ready for real-world matches.

3. Destructoid

Destructoid provides top notch video game reviews, news, and cheats, err…tips? Destructoid has game details and information for the PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP, DS, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and more. Your one stop shop for everything gaming.

4. Game Launch

Create your own powerful social network for your community of gamers, whether it is a guild, clan, kinship, team. Designed by gamers for gamers.

5. iChive

iCHIVE offers the opportunity to look beneath the hood of theCHIVE but also to take this gorgeous beast on a thrilling ride. Explore the majesty of the CHIVE.

6. Kindli

Do you need motivation? Do you have a knack for motivating people? Sometimes it seems that the world lacks empathy and compassion, but Kindli can assist in resolving this. Log in and discover daily inspiration. Send inspirational messages from your personal. Kindli helps create a world that is more loving.

7. Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a platform to share your love of films. You can use it as a journal to write down your thoughts on films you’ve seen or to keep track of movies that you’ve watched in the past.

8. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is your manga and anime reference book. With information about almost every manga and anime popular, such as Polar Bear Cafe, Dragon Ball, Hana Yori Dango, Fushigi Yugi and so many more. MyAnimeList is sure to have the information you’re looking for and also an online community where you can interact with other manga and anime fans.


Profiles for gaming made with beauty, is the best method to showcase your gaming skills, network with other gamers and increase your fan base.

10. Sb Nation

SB Nation provides sports audiences with the most reliable coverage from a fan’s viewpoint. SB Nation is the fastest-growing sports media brand , with more than 300 fan-centered teams.

11. Stage 32

You are invited here to Stage 32 a community for people like you, designed by you. Stage 32 is a community that was created by you. Stage 32 community is strictly designed for those who work in or wanting to be involved in theater or film. It’s a gathering place for people to meet for discussion and development of projects, and to collaborate with actors with director, director and producer, producer along with actors and crew.

12. Whiskey Connoisseur

Explore, review and discuss your favourite Whisky with Connosr. Find out about events and meet-ups. If you’re a lover of whisky, Connosr is the place for you. Connosr is the place to talk about your favorite Irish, Scotch, Canadian or Japenese whisky. You can find a rare bottle and you want to be giddy? Have you been awestruck by your most recent Scotch discovery? Tell the world about it on Connosr!

13. AeriaGames

With a player base of more than 70 million gamers, with more than 80 games available in over 30 countries, AeriaGames can connect players to games from around the world. If you’re looking to discover the latest and most exciting shooting game or an MMO that is based on science fiction, fantasy, or anime You’ll find it on AeriaGames and all for absolutely free.

14. Cool Spoters

Coolspotters lets users find and purchase the items as well as brands and fashions that are used by your favorite stars or athletes, idols, or even your favorite personality. Coolspotters is an excellent platform to check out what’s trending and what’s trending this season. You can also post comments on the trends and begin discussion on everything!

15. Ebaums world

Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Flash Games & Jokes! A fantastic collection of jokes humor, muses, and funny videos across the internet and around the world, with a laugh-in store for everyone of all ages, creeds , and stomach size.

16. Hawaar

Hawaar lets you categorize users as angel or devil. You can have fun with your fellow users while sharing your thoughts, thoughts and ideas about the world. Make comments or post complaints on the profiles of this site, which comes with anti-bullying tools.

17. IGN

A social media platform online to discuss games and other entertainment media. It has more than 150 million users from over 100 different countries.

18. Know your meme

Know Your Meme (KYM) is a site and video collection that uses the wiki software to record the various Internet memes and other web-based phenomenons, like viral videos images, catchy phrases, image macros online celebrities, and much more. The website also explores new and emerging memes via research and commercialization on the subject of culture.

19. Listal

A site to review the rating, tags, and write reviews of music, TV shows games and books. Find out what’s popular with your circle of friends or meet those who share your interests by comparing ratings. It also has a database of user-generated content which includes pictures, videos reviews, lists, and much more.

20. N4G

N4G is the top video gaming news, news and rumor website on the internet. N4G flips video game reporting upside down by offering a social media-based platform that allows users to post comments and write their own review as well as thoughts on the latest as well as old games.

21. Poshmark

Poshmark lets people who love fashion and entertainment meet to trade, sell and talk about trends and clothing within the fashion world. Each second on Poshmark with more than 60 million registered users and more than 100 million items, you’re sure to find something that you enjoy!

22. Shock Wave is the most popular destination for online games that are free Download games, download games and much more!

23. Story Bird

Storybird: Interactive storytelling for friends and families. Storybird includes a variety of questions and tests to assist YOU develop as a writer. It lets you explore your creativity in various formats, from comics, picture books, and long-form writing. At Storybird you’ll be able to improve your storytelling skills discover inspiration, as well as publish your own work.

24. Yard Barker

YardBarker is your one-stop source for news about sports and discussion. It is a great place to learn about new news about sports or share your own. Yard Barker is an essential tool for any sports lover of any kind, sport, nation or language. Yard Barker is also a source of hilarious and funny stories readers from across the world of sports.

25. Become Gorgeous

The BecomeGorgeous beauty advice, hairstyles makeup, fashion and style trends concentrate on everything you require to know about your beauty routine and includes photos of celebs and natural skin treatment. BecomeGorgeous is a community that focuses on sharing information and new trends in the realm of skincare, beauty and fashion.

26. Cracked is a fun site that is filled with hilarious pictures, funny videos as well as articles and a assortment of other hilarious things. If you’ve got a sense of humor , this is the right website for you. Cracked can help you relieve your boredom at work.

27. Fan Pop

Fanpop is a community of fan-clubs for lovers of films, television music, and more. talk about and share pictures video, news and opinions with other members. FanPop is a fantastic site to stay up to current on the latest news, TV shows and the latest celebrity trends.

28. I Can Has Cheezburger?

Icanhascheezburger is a humorous look at cats and other creatures from the world of civilisation by presenting hilarious user-generated photos as well as video. is your go-to for LOL captions and hilarious picture creations. Laff and share freely! Meow.

29. Influenster

Influenster is a social media platform with more than 5 million users that provides reviews of products and it offers you the chance to try and evaluate various products from popular cosmetics brands.

30. Koin Up

Koinup is the very first social networking site to let you share your virtual world by sharing your machinima, pictures and stories. Koinup lets users upload, share and read things they make in their metaverses, virtual worlds as well as mmorpgs and other exciting online games, such as Second Life, IMVU, World of Warcraft, The Sims 2 and many more.

31. Meta Critic

Metacritic is a site for ranking that analyzes videos, games music, TV series, and many more. Critics and users share their thoughts on the latest movies, albums and TV shows providing them with an Meta Critic score from 0 to 100. Meta Critic is also a fantastic resource for keeping track of the release of new albums and movies.

32. New Grounds

Newgrounds is a top video gaming social media network that is a must for critics, players and developers. Newgrounds will help you get through a difficult game or perhaps help you learn about the latest games being played online. Newgrounds provides everything you need to become a gaming expert. Make your mark and impress your friends in video games by becoming the latest Newgrounds member. Newgrounds.

33. Ranker

Ranker is a step above Top 10 lists with deep rankings on everything, and is that are voted by all. Make lists, include your opinions, and then enjoy the top rankings available on the internet.

34. Sing Snap

SingSnap offers the all too common encounter of singing Karaoke at bars, and repositions it to a place where more people feel comfortable singing in their community online and application. They boast an enormous collection of free songs . according to their website they provide more songs for free than any other competitor. In addition, they’ve been in competition with (now now defunct) Musically and Tik Tok which are both well-known for their large users from all over the world This is a huge guarantee of a huge song library that they’re building. According to SingSnap’s own reviews and ratings from their large and loyal group of potential rock stars and future American Idols it seems that they’re delivering. Because singing Karaoke fans and users tend to be a little older, it’s not surprising that this site grew to be a massive success fast, and thanks to the audience that only hip and younger crowds can offer. However, it’s not exclusive to any kind of age or the genre of music, since SingSnap seems to have the music of anyone (with the options of Country, Crooners, Pop Divas and Rock Rebels some of the most well-known). If you’re looking to meet other like-minded singers or Karaoke fans, SingSnap is on the rising and is it’s worth joining.

35. Trakt is an online platform that performs numerous things, but mostly monitors television shows and movies that you are watching. It works with your home theater or media center PC to allow scrobbling, which means everything is automated. A few people like checking on their phones We allow this feature as well. Explore new films and shows and follow other people with similar tastes , and share your opinion using our website.

36. CapcomUnity

It’s a social network developed by Capcom to connect fans of their games. If you’re looking for a community to talk about Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter or any other Capcom loved games, you’ll have a brand new home at CapcomUnity.

37. Crunchy Roll is a legal and free online video website that features the most popular anime, including Naruto, Linebarrels of Iron, Skip Beat, and Shugo Chara. Crunchyroll is your one-stop anime destination for the latest news, updates and other information.

38. GaiaOnline

Join Gaia to create a completely free avatar, design your virtual home, hang out in Towns with your friends, join forums, make a beautiful aquarium and more.

39. iCheckMovies

iCheckMovies lets you keep track of films you’ve seen and enjoyed. It’s enjoyable and simple to use, regardless of whether you’re a fan of movies or are just an average movie buff.

40. Jigidi

Jigidi, a social network that offers over 10,000 puzzles for free to all members, has more than 10,000 puzzles. Jigidi works on Adobe Flash and generates the puzzle that you request. This allows you to get straight to the fun part, solving the puzzle. Your cat or dog won’t be able to chew another piece of puzzle pieces.

41. Kongregate

Kongregate is the best place to find free online games. You can choose from thousands of flash and traditional free games. There are thousands upon thousands free online games. These range from small-scale studio releases to single player independents. You can filter and rate games so that you only play the best.

42. Mod DB

Social Media community for the creation of mods to video games on Windows, Linux and Mac computers. You will find a healthy download section as well as an active community of modders and game developers.

43. Patreon

Patreon allows fans to support their favorite creators by giving them ongoing support. Patreon, a platform that was founded in May 2013 in San Francisco, California and is based in San Francisco, California. It allows fans to engage with and support the creators and artists they love. Patreon empowers a new generation by bringing patronage back into the 21st Century.

44. Red Bubble

RedBubble is an international art community that sells designer t-shirts and unframed wall art from artists around the world. It also offers iphone cases. There is no better place to express your creativity than RedBubble.

45. Sport Spyder

The latest news from the NHL, NBA and NFL.

46. Watt Pad

The World’s Most Popular eBook Community. Readers and writers can discover, share and connect.


  1. All Recipes

You can share your passion for cooking with a vibrant food-focused social network that allows you to make connections and learn from others. This will help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

2. Fit Day

You can track and analyze your diet, weight loss, and fitness online. It’s anonymous, free and can greatly improve your workout routines. You can motivate yourself to be better tomorrow by recording and sharing your workout information.

3. Menuism

You can find menus and reviews of restaurants across the US and Canada. Menuism allows users rate the food they eat and read reviews from other foodies.

4. Spark people, a free online community for healthy living and diets, has over 3,000,000 members. They offer support and motivation to one another. Find diet advice from nutritionists, weight loss challenges to improve your fitness, and a supportive community of like-minded people who share the same goal: to be happy, healthy, and fit.

5. Yummly

An app and website for mobile that offers recipe suggestions personalized to each user’s taste, recipe searching, shopping list creation, and many other features.

6. Armchair GM

Are you looking for information about the last time your favorite team won a division title? What was Joe Montana’s total touchdown score? Who is the worst George Steinbrenner fan? ArmchairGM Wiki has the answer to your sports questions.

7. Fitocracy

Fitocracy allows people who need support to reach their fitness goals to connect with coaches. Start by being assessed and shown the best workouts for you. You will also be given a nutrition plan and held accountable so you can reach your goals and remain healthy, fit, and happy.

8. My Cycling Log

My Cycling Log allows you to keep track of your bike rides online. My Cycling Log is the best bicycling social networking site on the internet, whether you’re training for your next race, keeping track of your commute, or simply having fun riding a bicycle.

9. Steepster

Steepster was created by tea lovers for tea lovers. It allows users to rate, discuss, and track teas they have tried. It has become a respected and well-established tea community online. It is clearly targeted at people who enjoy tea, as it provides them with a wide range of information and a lively discussion forum.

10. EmpowHER empowers women to live happy and healthy lives. It connects them with experts, doctors, and others like them, who offer reliable information, inspiring stories, and answers to real-life health questions.

11. KeepRecipes

KeepRecipes, a social networking site and mobile app that specializes in social catalogueing, is one of the best. Members can organize and share their favorite recipes from any website. This service is described as “like Instapaper for food” or “a recipe manager for foodies”.

12. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Plan is an online diet and calorie counter. Users can track their calories and get great tips from others who have had success in changing their lives. Get nutrition information for more than 200,000 foods.

13. Strava

Strava allows users to track their run or bike ride with any GPS-enabled device. One simple website and application allows you to find other users’ favorite routes, fastest times, and best workout routines.

14. Fat Secret

FatSecret is for people who are interested in food and diet. However, a diet does not mean that you should eat less. Your diet is your entire food intake lifestyle. Fat Secret allows users the ability to track their exercise goals and share them publicly. You can track your exercise and food intake, as well as keep a record of your weight for the rest of your life. You can connect with other users and find the right recipes for you. Your FatSecret account can be used with other services such as Facebook, Google, and your mobile device. FatSecret is your one stop shop for all things diet and food.

15. Lyrn Link

Lyrnlink, a social media platform with the goal to provide information to users, is a brand new social media platform. You can tag and share your favourite podcasts, books and videos, and find experts on a topic that interests you. Lyrnlink can help you gain more knowledge from the world.

16. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a mobile app that allows you to track your runs and provides statistics. What distance did you run? What was the time it took? Did you burn enough calories for your goal? Runkeeper makes it easy to keep track of your running and fitness goals, and share them with everyone.

17. With Fit

WithFit is an online social network that focuses on your physical health. You can share, track and improve your physical health in a social environment. You can share your workouts with others and get new tips for better training and staying fit. All this for nothing.


  1. is dedicated to your promotion. allows you to create a website that is all about you and your interests. To show the world who you are, upload a photo and write a brief bio. It’s almost like having your own business card online.

2. AskMeHelpDesk

Ask Me Help Desk has the information you need to help you build your computer, choose the right faith, learn how to cook Indian food, or change your tire. Ask Me Help Desk is a vibrant community that you will love. You might even find the ability to offer your advice. Get the help and information you need now.

3. Edmodo

Edmodo connects all learners to the people and resources that they need in order to realize their full potential.


GRID, an innovative tool that transforms spreadsheets into beautiful websites, is a great option. Drag a website onto your data and add user interaction to make it come alive! GRID will transform the way you view spreadsheets.

5. Its My URLs allows users to create one URL which can take them to one page that contains all the user’s online profiles and links to their business websites. Itsmyurls can be your online business card.

6. Lean Pub

A collection of publications tools for a group of authors. Your latest revisions should be published so your readers are always up-to-date.

7. Padlet

Padlet is an online bulletin board that allows students and teachers to collaborate, reflect, share images, and link to other sites in a safe location. Padlet lets users create hidden walls with a customized URL. It functions like an online sheet of paper, where anyone can place any content (e.g. It works like an online sheet of paper where anyone can place any content (e.g., images, videos or documents, text) anywhere on a page.

8. Pressreader

Pressreader provides digital versions of your favourite magazines and newspapers. You’re sure find your favourite publications among the over 7000 publications from more than 100 countries, including Newsweek and Washington Post, Variety, Top Gear and many others. Discover new publications. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for information in San Antonio or Beijing, it is all available at pressreader.

9. SupberbAnswer

Superb Answer connects a large number of experts from many different fields, including science, technology, education, business, online earning and blogging. Superb Answer allows you to discover new topics and connect with other users who are eager to share their knowledge.

10. Visual CV

VisualCV is an online multimedia resume that allows you to stand out from the rest. Register today to get images, charts and references. You can also use awards to show off your best work. It’s easy to share via email, posting your URL, or through social networks.

11. All My Faves

Visual logo directory that focuses on the top 10 favorite categories. You can find your favourite sites in one place, making the internet easier to use. You’ll find everything you need, from Twitter to ESPN to everything in between.

12. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is an RSS/blog reader that’s next-generation. Bloglovin offers more features than traditional RSS readers and allows you to build a following and reputation.

13. Flight Aware

Flight Aware allows you to track any flight anywhere in the world online. Flight Aware can track any flight, no matter if it is on time or late. Flight Aware has a large community of fliers and travelers who can offer tips and hints for all your flight questions.

14. HuffDuffer

Huffduffer is a term that derives its name from Huff-Duff technology, which was used to triangulate radio transmissions’ positions. Huffduffing is a method of locating interesting MP3 files via the internet.

15. Just Paste It

Simple and effective platform for sharing text, images, or links

16. Mouth Shut

Mouthshut offers a huge collection of reviews from users for all types of products. This network is different from other company-sponsored review sites by providing honest, real reviews.

17. Pearl Trees

Pearltrees allows you to organize and display information in a visual way that is clear and concise. This makes it easy to share your knowledge with the world and to collaborate with others. It allows you to collect, organize, and view everything, including web pages, videos, songs, and documents. You can also get a customized version of the network/system.

18. Rrrather

Rrrather has over 18,000 questions and growing daily. You can ask any topic you wish. You can simply stop by to give your opinion or ask a question.

19. Tacked

Tacked is your internet home. Tacked has everything you need, from cat videos to tech reviews to the most recent news topics.

20. Webs

Webs allows users to create websites for free with professionally designed themes. Webs allows users to create websites with a drag-and-drop interface. Webs allows you to share your social networks via badges, feeds, and other social tools.

21. Appearoo

appearoo (formerly XeeMe), aims to increase your influence, followers, and business exposure. It automatically points people to your online profile with them. Your appearance. You can organize all of your online profiles onto one page and include the appearoo link back on all emails, signatures, business cards, and profiles. It is designed to increase your visibility, influence and followers across all social media networks.

22. Calendly

Calendly, an automated scheduling software, allows users to schedule meetings without having to send back and forth emails. Users can sign up for basic services at no cost. It has strong branding and a strong visual identity. It’s available in English, French, Spanish and German. The website’s homepage clearly lists the brand name and a catchy logo. The website’s homepage provides a concise description of the company’s offerings and a beautiful illustration that shows the sequence of emails people exchange before scheduling meetings.

It is easy to locate the main navigation and make it simple to use. There are pages that discuss the services being offered, including pricing, integration, solutions and team scheduling options. The site also discusses Calendly (blog, team, jobs and privacy policy), as well as its support center (help video tutorials and community, contact us and cookie opt-out). Calendly can be followed on all three most popular social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The site is open to everyone, regardless of their industry and business. Signing up is easy. Users need to provide an email ID and grant Calendly permission to manage their calendar. They also need to confirm their time zone. The website offers a 14-day Pro trial for new users as a special offer. Calendly users have similar options to social networking sites like Facebook. They can create personalized profiles with a profile picture, a welcome message and a profile photo. You can also invite others to meetings by sharing the assigned profile links.

23. Flipboard

The Flipboard has undergone a complete redesign to allow users to share news, popular stories, and have conversations about any topic or passion. It’s easier than ever to read, collect, and share stories.


What is IFTTT? IFTTT allows you to have creative control over the apps and products you love. RECIPES gives you the ability to increase productivity with tons of popular apps.

25. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides practice exercises, instructional videos, as well as a personalized learning dashboard. This allows learners to learn at their own pace, both inside and outside the classroom. You can choose from courses in math, science and computer programming. The mission guides learners from kindergarten through calculus with state-of the-art adaptive technology that identifies their strengths and gaps. Khan academy partners with institutions such as NASA, The Museum of Modern Art and The California Academy of Sciences to provide specialized content.

26. Net Vibes

Netvibes was the original personalized dashboard publishing platform on the Web. Digital life management, widget distribution and brand observation rooms.

27. Penname

Penname is a platform for writers to meet other writers. You can get advice about starting a publication. There are also opportunities to share content and learn from others. Penname allows you to be discovered and discover.

28. Smore

Smore lets you create beautiful newsletters that you can share with your contacts. Smore allows you to share personal updates, announcements of births, and other information with your contacts. Smore users send over 100,000 newsletters each month.

29. TES

You will find a huge selection of learning materials, as well as support from leading educators and teachers. All you need to know about a skill or craft, and all the people who can help you, in one place.

30. Wikipedia

Wiki software allows you to create a free encyclopedia that contains millions of articles. It can be used in many languages. Wikipedia is the most popular free information resource. Wikipedia is entirely funded by donations and grants from its supporters, readers, and fans. Wikipedia exists to provide information for all people, regardless of their financial status. Wikipedia believes that everyone has equal access to the vast knowledge of the world in which they live. Any topic can be submitted and edited by users.

31. Ask FM

Do you have a question? is the place to go. is the place to go if you have a question. You can also ask the question here and get an answer from one or more members of the community.

32. DojoPress

Dojo.Press operates as an open community forum, similar to Reddit. The community moderates and submits content. You can create subcategories and your own content.

33. Gravatar

Gravatar gives you all information. Gravatar links to your email address whenever you comment on participating blogs and websites. Gravatar is used by WordPress and, two of the most popular websites.

34. InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is a popular online resource with nearly 90,000. InfoBarrel is a great place to learn if you are looking for solutions to problems or ways to educate yourself about a variety of topics. These topics include art, how to start a business or how to replant an old bird’s nest. The option for contributors is to either have income or donate any income they create to charity of their choosing.

35. Laguan Stonks

Laguna allows you to integrate stock performance and connect social networking platforms, so you can share your thoughts among thousands of others. Compare the future by analyzing your portfolio’s performance and taking snapshots of key moments when investment strategy changes were made.

36. OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap allows you to create a map from your own data. It is entirely user-generated data and offers a unique view through the eyes of local residents rather than just a vehicle passing to map that area.

37. Pressfolios

This site allows journalists to back up their articles, stories and writing online. You can easily show your best work, or browse through thousands of pressfolios in order to find a journalist or author to hire. This website is essential for writers and authors who want to show their work to the rest of the world. You can easily connect with other social media sites to keep people updated once you have updated your pressfolio.

38. StudyPool

Your online social network for academic questions and answers.

39. Trello

Trello allows you to work more collaboratively and accomplish more. Trello’s cards, lists, boards and cards allow you to plan and prioritize your projects in an easy, flexible, and rewarding manner.

40. Zotero

Zotero [zohtair-oh] is an easy-to-use, free tool that helps you organize, cite and share research sources. Zotero allows you to search for all of your research from one interface. You can add PDFs and images, audio and visual files, as well as snapshots of web pages. Zotero indexes your entire library automatically, so you can find what you need with just a few keystrokes.


  1. Ello

Ello is a social network for artists that was created by artists. Ello was initially launched as a private social networking site. However, it quickly grew and the owners decided that registration should be open. Ello is currently in Beta. It will launch in full soon.

2. Parler

Parler, a social media platform, claims it gives all its users complete freedom of speech and expression. Parler allows people to communicate with each other without any restrictions.

3. Qooh allows you to post anonymous questions on social media sites. This is an opportunity for people who like you to get to know you better. Only if you answer the question, your replies will be displayed on your main profile.

4. Four Square

Foursquare is the top geo-location app for your smart phone. It lets you “check-in” to places you go to. It also functions as a social media platform online. Foursquare offers you and your companions new ways to explore your city, earning points and earn badges. You can also become the virtual the mayor for physical places simply by logging in! What’s the reason you shouldn’t be able to use social networks and still live in life in the actual world?

5. Plerb

Plerb is microblogging platform which allows users to communicate with each other across the globe. If you’d like to talk about the latest news in your field or upcoming travel plans and family photos, or even connect to your work Plerb can accommodate all of that and much more.

6. TheTopLink

It’s a social media microblogging website which lets you communicate with your family and acquaintances and others who you don’t yet know. Tell the world where you are where you are, what you’re up to and what’s you’re thinking about. It’s possible to set up feeds with people you’d like to follow and then share invitations to events and bookmarks, polls, questions, and much more on TheTopLink.

7. Hashatit

Create a custom board that includes hashtags that cover all of your passions! If you’re looking to follow the latest album releases and new games, as well as new films, clothing launches as well as news, politics, and many more You’ll be able make your own custom feeds with everything you want in one spot. You can eliminate all the background noise using the variety of options for personalization that are available on Hashatit.

8. Plurk

Plurk is a digital journal and a timeline of your life. Are you tired of your current Social Networks? Connect your life effortlessly with your family, friends, and followers on Plurk. It’s user-friendly and is easy to view. It’s not like the complicated networks that hide everything and put away. With plurk, all your data is visible in your timeline.

9. TinyFollow

If you are a fan of Twitter but do not have time to keep track of every account you think you ought to, TinyFollow may be the solution to your problem.TinyFollow is a site that lets you receive an email newsletter for every account that is active on Twitter. You can get digests on a daily, weekly or even monthly.

10. Kentodi

Kentodi is a site that lets users create and note-taking notes and to share them. If you have a note you’d like to share with your coworker, or perhaps an idea you’d want to share with your friend You can easily create a note , and within seconds have access to your original work!

11. Posteezy

Posteezy can be described as a microblogging site similar to Twitter with a limit of more than 140 words. Posts can contain pictures as well as URL links. They also allow you to share your posts across other social networks by integrating buttons. There is no requirement to have an account, but it is helpful to keep track of the history of your posts.

12. Twitter

Twitter is a social network that permits messaging and “tweets” that can be up to 228 characters. Twitter is focused on real-time events and updates. News, jokes, photos as well as inspirational quotes are available every minute on Twitter. Apart from being able to connect with and follow your acquaintances on Twitter users can also browse tweets from celebrities, artists as well as athletes, brands organisations, and even musicians. Twitter is a great way to keep informed about what’s happening all around you; from your local area to locations hundreds of miles far away. It’s never been simpler to be connected as it is now because of Twitter.


  1. 8 Tracks

A customized internet radio that is created by you, the user. 8tracks features music from a variety of genres like hip hop indie, rock and roll, indie pop, top 40, and everything else you could imagine.

2. ConcertWindow

Concert Window is all about the live streaming of music to benefit musicians as well as fans, venues, and venues. Broadcast live to your fans across the globe using their iOS application or laptop, allowing you to entertain your fans in a brand new method.

3. Genius

Genius is a music magazine that focuses on lyrics, but it has been expanded to encompass all types of content, including literary, musical historical, political, and even commentary.

4. The Hype Machine

Hype Machine Hype Machine is an MP3 and music blog aggregator. the most popular blogs and songs on music can be found at Hype. The Hype Machine lets users look up and find something new. In many cases, you don’t need to look for it, since Hype always has fresh tracks on its homepage.

5. MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz can be described as an open-source platform which permits users to post information about artists and bands from all over the globe and, through this is an internet site that gives information about a wide range of music genres. If you’re interested in knowing the first Metallica album and how many variations from Lady Gaga remix albums are available, MusicBrainz can help you to find the information you need.

6. Reverb Nation

ReverbNation allows bands that are not independent to build a strong online presence. Bands can also upload their songs to iTunes and begin selling their album in a matter of minutes. ReverbNation removes the record label away from your band’s management. Bands can connect easily to other social networking platforms, such as Facebook as well as Twitter.

7. Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is a vast community of music lovers, musicians and producers, record labels and journalists who gather to share the latest music and demos as well as experimental work in progress. Content created by users is the mainstay to Soundcloud.

8. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is a comprehensive website that has more than 250,000 tabs! Users can search for guitar tabs, chords and tabs, locate the guitar lesson, browse CDs and DVDs, review gear as well as read rock news and columns on guitars, forums on the site, and much more!

9. Bandcamp

Bandcamp allows customers to easily connect and help the artists they admire. We view music as art, not just content, and we place every aspect of the performance of our company to the success of the artists we help.

10. Dat Piff is the most popular social platform for Hip-Hop music available on the internet. Users can stream free music, listen to new mixes, learn about the latest artists and revisit old music. Users can also download free mixtapes. DatPiff is the best site online to keep up-to-date with mainstream and underground Hip-Hop.

11. Groobe

Groobe is an online music platform that allows you to keep track of what you’ve listened to, and also add notes and details on your top songs. Find your favorite songs and, with Spotify integration, you’ll listen to or re-reading your favourites within minutes. Groobe allows you to communicate your voice and opinions on music to the world.

12. Jam Base

JamBase is the most popular social network that provides live music and concert details. You can follow your favourite artists, communicate with your fellow fans, learn more about your favorite bands and view all of their concert dates. Jambase allows you to add your show schedule to your calendar, so that you don’t be late for a show!

13. Musix Match

Explore the world’s largest collection of lyrics to songs and translations.

14. SeatWish

Do you require tickets to the event everybody is talking about but can’t locate it? Start by registering at and then buy trade, sell or find the most affordable ticket prices for the event that you are searching for. On SeatWish users can locate many tickets for different types of events, including Concerts or Festivals, as well as Sport events.

15. Sound Trap

The product was created by a group composed of engineers and producers Soundtrap has evolved into the best site to record, share and collaborate with music online. With a no-cost trial and access to premium features, Soundtrap is sure to provide everything you need to make your own music.

16. Wavecut

Wavecut is a social media platform for music producers and audio engineers founded out of a need to invent and transform the music industry. It aims to connect those who want to share their audio and musical output to the world.

17. BandMix

Are you looking for a new drummer? Do you need backup vocals for the song? Bandmix allows anyone to quickly and easily locate local talent to join their band.

18. Discogs

Discogs – a database created by the community of information about music, as well as a marketplace. You’re not able to recall your favorite band’s debut demo, or the date it was released. Discogs has you covered. Find out more about the artists you love from country to jazz to Soul to Heavy Metal, and everything between. You can also purchase and sell albums on CD, tape or vinyl formats to people across the globe. Discogs is the most comprehensive information source for selling and knowledge about music.

19. House Mix

House Mixes has over half of a million people streaming their music mixes with the world. If you’re searching for songs from house, there are DJ mixes that span diverse styles of music, including electronica, drum and bass techno, dance house, funk and much other House Mixes.

20. Last FM

The largest online music catalogue, offering streaming music for free video, photos charts, lyrics biography of artists, concerts and radio on the internet. Last FM is one of the most popular radio websites for free and has hundreds of thousands of users every day!

21. Plugdj lets you be the DJ! If you’re a lover of hip-hop metal, punk classical, dance country, rock or any type that you like, provides tools and services that allow you to connect with your circle of friends and enable you to meet new people who share your preferences. You’ll control the music you play and get real-time feedback on your choices from your friends. Check out today!

22. SongKick

Songkick will make it easier for you to knowing when your favorite artists are playing in your town: gone is the time of signing up to thousands of venues’ mailing lists, navigating through various websites of bands and searching through a variety of generic concert announcements.

23. Splice

The music industry has a wide range of instruments accessible on the internet, and it’s difficult to choose which are worth exploring. Splice provides musicians with a broad selection of sample music from a variety of musicians at a affordable cost. Tools like plugins are offered with free trials, so you can try before you commit to any thing. Look out for contests every month that are created by users, where you could get prizes for your music contributions.

24. Blip FM

Be a DJ and learn about new music, or share your favorite music with an ever-growing and large crowd. Blip.FM allows you to listen to the continuous stream of songs that are played by its members or even be the DJ and win fans according to your choices.

25. Free Sound

Freesound is a site which allows users to share their sounds under the Creative Commons License. If you’re in search of audio or other sound-related effects to use in your work, you’ll find an extensive collection of sounds to search through. If you’d like to make your creations for others to utilize You’ll find user-friendly instruments that let you share your work. Freesound is a great resource for all your audio needs.

26. Hulk Share

Music platform for sharing your streaming audio and video files to the world. The platform offers unlimitable cloud storage to upload your files.

27. Mixcloud

Established in the year 2011, Mixcloud was founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest and most well-known music websites on the internet. Mixcloud has tools that allow users to share their mixes audio blogs, podcasts, and other content in both streaming and downloads. If you’re interested in discovering new DJs or new tracks, Mixcloud has creators from all over the world who share their music.

28. Rate Your Music

If you’re in search of an online platform to express your opinions on music, then this might be the perfect place to start. If you’d like to discuss your local band’s demo, the top Pink Floyd album, or If you are a fan of electronica or dance music You’ll be able to communicate your thoughts to an audience of more than 500 thousand members.

29. Sound Click

SoundClick is an internet-based community for music. The social network offers profiles featuring friends’ networking, photos videos, blogs and user-generated stations.

30. Spreaker

A site that lets users make their own live web radio show, broadcasting it across the globe.


  1. AllSides

Are you tired of fake news? AllSides offers news from various media sources. The user group votes on whether it’s left-leaning, right-leaningand centrist. Create a profile for both decide on and study sources for information on their biases in media and their possible hidden agendas!

2. EzySpot

EzySpot is a site to find and share online content. Submit your website, article, blog post, youtube page etc. Make sure to promote your page to the world.

3. My Alltop

Alltop is an internet-based news group. The users post the latest news stories that are floating around the internet. Alltop is among the most reputable news websites with a wide coverage of every aspect of newsmedia. Alltop offers you tools to create your personal newsfeed that aggregates.

4. Reddit is the first social network. Reddit is a collection of user-generated news and links from all over the internet. Users vote on whether to bring stories to the top of the page or take them off the front page. Also, you can read funny and disturbing comments about the top headlines of the moment, from users on reddit who are just like you. The community of reddit is massive well-educated, and enjoys the online news!

5. Wikidot

Wikidot lets you create wiki-based websites. Make use of it to publish documents, share content as well as collaborate with your friends and colleagues, and create a space for your entire community!

6. Anchor FM

The easiest method to begin an online podcast. Create, distribute , and host your podcast for free.

7. Fark

Amusing, funny and interesting news stories as well as regular contests to manipulate photos. Fark is an online news aggregator as well as a social media news site. Users post news stories which are truly funny and odd musings from all over the globe, and the Fark team picks the most funny and weirdest stories of the day. An excellent site for losing hours and hours in laughter.

8. Newsmix

NewsMix is a newsstand that uses social media. Manage, read, and share news powered by people. Users submit news of their choice in categories, sign up to their favourite channels, and cast votes on the stories they find interesting. Their best content gets prominent and visible presence which makes reading daily worthwhile for users’ time.

9. The Artifice

The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a broad range of art forms. The magazine operates on its own, with writers working together to build and maintain the website.

10. WT.Social

WT.Social is also known as WikiTribune is a company that aims to alter the nature of social media. With a commitment to never sell your information and a platform that allows you to correct or alter inaccurate details, WT.Social will allow you to be involved in ensuring the accuracy of media. WT.Social lets you explore science, photography music and climate change, as well as sports, politics and other world issues with tens or thousand of people.

11. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a multinational tech and media firm that is a feature and news stories covering topics that range from breaking news coverage of politics to hilarious and snarky polls. They are famous for their viral content that is posted on social media, such as lists (for instance the title of a story could be 15 people that need to quit the cinema) as well as quizzes (Which film character do you identify with?). As BuzzFeed is a Social Network, BuzzFeed allows users to create accounts and publish their own stories on the same broad range of themes. Members of the community can also post comments on the content of others or share it with their friends, vote for them and much more.

12. Find

Find is a search engine that aims to make it easier for finding the information YOU are searching for. The internet has become increasingly complex and driven by processes which don’t provide you with the best experience however, they can help the lives of others. Find lets you pick the content you’d like to look at and produce something that’s targeted and edited by you. Find ideas, details images, videos, and articles about anything you’re interested in.

13. Odyssey

Odyssey’s mission is to effect positive social change through offering different viewpoints, ideas, and having conversations with people who you may agree with or not agree with. Odyssey has more than 130,000 users and nearly 1 million content for your reading. Find out more about the world of entertainment and TV and lifestyle, health students, politics, and more at Odyssey!

14. VOTETags

A social bookmarking service to publish the most popular content on the internet. Members can share the top voted and most popular articles to social media sites.

15. Daily Kos

The most popular online political community that has 2.5 millions of unique users each month and nearly 1 million users registered.

16. MoreTreat

A news aggregation site for unending subjects ranging from current events to cooking, travel and many more. Vote on the articles that appeal to you.

17. PodBean

Podbean is an online podcast publication and monetization solution offering both premium and free hosting services for individuals as well as businesses.

18. Whuut

Whuut is a site to share thoughts you have and share your thoughts with others. Whuut is an emerging alternative to Reddit.


  1. 1X

A top-quality online portfolio featuring member-curated content, where submissions are evaluated to be published in magazines and galleries. Make sure that your photos and graphic art noticed by industry experts.

2. A minus 3

A community online of photographers and enthusiasts that can exchange ideas and information work together on ideas and projects. An online community to exchange stories, experiences, as well as critiques.

3. Clipzine

Clipzine gives users powerful and effective tools to collect and style clips, as well as collections of images from the web. Make use of Clipzine to design home improvements as well as weddings, or even a trip.

4. Flickr

Share your most loved videos and photos all over the world using Flickr., which is Yahoo! owned,, is the leading photo sharing website worldwide. It is simple and enjoyable to share your most memorable pictures with your loved ones or anyone else in the world. You can build an online photo gallery in just a few minutes, choose the best way to show them, include captions and write brief descriptions. Flickr isn’t simply a photo album. It’s an online photo blog and a social community all in one.

5. Gfycat

Gfycat (pronounced “jiffy-cat”) has been created in 2013 with the intention to improve our GIF user experience for be more modern and relevant for the 21st century. GIFs are great (duh!) because they can be played everywhere, they’re easy to watch, they have short information, and loop over and and over.

6. Instagram

Instagram is a quick and beautiful method to share your experiences with family and friends. Make a video or photo and then choose a filter to change the look and feel, and then upload to Instagram it’s as simple as that. Instagram is a great and fun method of sharing your life with your friends via photos. Take a picture using your smartphone Then, you can choose filters to transform the photo into a lasting image that can be kept for the rest of your life.

7. Lomography

A photo platform designed for those who photographer who is in love with creativity. Join our community, share your images and learn about the most recent photography tips and news.

8. Photo Peach

Create your own slide show in a matter of minutes on Photopeach. Upload your images, select songs, add captions to your show and much more! Photospeach lets you share your most beautiful (and not always attractive) photos extremely simple.

9. Picture Trail

PictureTrail is a leading picture sharing network. Visitors and members share photos online, host photos print prints, and make use of other options. PictureTrail’s complete range of social network features include highly personalized profile pages as well as other options that are popular to interact with your community on a social level.

10. Roxio Photo Show

Slideshows and photo sharing are available from Roxio. You can include captions, music and even send your lovely slideshows only to those who you invite. It is also possible to make specific slideshows open to the public. You can also share the entire album, or just specific albums, on Facebook, twitter and other all major social networks.

11. Unsplash

A community of visual and photographic artists offering a collection of photos that can be used for free and images that are licensed under the Unsplash license.

12. Zedge

Zedge has a vast catalog of themes, ringtones and videos and wallpapers for mobile phones. 3.3 million products have been developed and shared with over 30 million users around the world via Zedge. Look for an item with the New England Patriots logo, create a ringtone based on”Better Call Saul” and more. Better Call Saul theme. With Zedge it is possible to personalize your iPhone as well as your Android phone.

13. 23 HQ

23 makes sharing photos simple for both advanced and novice users. You can share photos privately or publicly with tags, albums storage, slideshows, photoblog, subscriptions, sending photos and so on.

14. Blip Foto

Writing down your photos couldn’t be any easier. Snap a picture and add a few sentences regarding your life. Send it to the worldwide Polaroid Blipfoto community or simply with family and acquaintances. Find out about the everyday life of the globe, make connections, or enhance your photography.

15. Fotki is an outstanding service to share and print your images online. The easiest method to share your photos with family and friends is through Fotki. Fotki is a constantly growing social photo sharing platform that has a lot of potential.

16. Giphy

Giphy is a popular social media platform that lets you download an abundance of animated GIFs which are suitable for themes of a variety of popular topics. If you’re not technologically proficient, don’t fret it’s not a problem. GIF is an image format that is used in email and on the web as well, similar to JPG and PNG. If you sign up for an account with a username and profile, you are able to join the community and upload your personal stickers or cute animated memes in shape of GIF images.
The site is home to a wide range of categories to classify these images, such as animals, food & drinks memes, action animation, emotions, and other emotions. There are other apps available on the site such as Giphy, Giphy World, Giphy Cam and Giphy Capture. It’s very easy to incorporate the GIF in your text messages. Additionally, it provides two ways to upload your GIFs to use on Twitter. You can either tweet an Giphy hyperlink or even upload the GIF directly to Twitter from the website.

By simply creating an account and username You can send fun and funny stickers to your acquaintances (and even your adversaries). While Giphy’s users may be an affluent, younger tech-savvy population who knows how to utilize smartphones and other apps for entertainment anybody can make their own GIFs which they can then post on this platform. Giphy Search, Giphy API and Giphy Trending are also alternatives that developers and fans can make use of.

17. jAlbum

The jAlbum desktop software can help you create professional online photo albums for any internet website. Users can personalize their online albums by using hundreds of album templates to select from. The Pro license removes advertisements, permit users to white-label their albums and also access jAlbum’s priority support as well as more.

18. Moby Picture

Moby Picture lets users directly share their pictures or text, audio and video with all their friends via their preferred social media sites like flickr, facebook, twitter and vimeo many more!

19. Piccsy

Piccsy is a new social media platform that allows users to tag and collect images you love. Do you find it inspiring? Do you find it funny? Send it to your family, friends and the ever-growing user community on

20. Pixabay is a site for sharing high-quality images, public domain photographs vector graphics, as well as footage from films. Pixabay provides more than 750,000 images, free photos and vectors, as well as 3100 videos.

21. ShotzrWeb

Shotzr is a free royalty-free photo website that targets digital marketers. With 100,000 images on the free plan and more than 70 million photos in the premium plan, you’re certain to have the images you require to launch your next advertising campaign. They also provide an API subscription that is suitable for business requirements.

22. ViewBug

VieWBug is a firm believer in creativity and is committed to creating an online community of social media that encourages creativity too. VieWBug provides tools to photographers to develop and grow their abilities through workshops, challenges contests, portfolio sites and challenges. If you’re a photographer, whether amateur or professional, make sure to check ViewBug.

23. 500px

500px is a popular social photography platform that allows you to upload your images to the world at large and view the other’s collections to get ideas for how to shoot your own photo.

24. Brusheezy

A site that is collaborative that contains Photoshop brushes, as well as PSD templates designed in collaboration with the public. Find helpful templates, brushes images and much more.

25. Dreams Time

Dreams Time is a stock photography community offering high-quality photographs and stock images for retail and public use. You can pick from tens of thousands photographs of excellent quality artworks, graphic works and designs. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, choose from the latest pictures that are added every week.

26. Foto Thing

Photo sharing website which allows users to upload pictures and let the community make comments on their photos. The site describes it as a Photoblog that lets you upload everything from your daily snapshot of you to your most recent artwork.

27. Image Shack

ImageShack offers a user-friendly and simple service for hosting media. It was launched in 2003. ImageShack employs more than 20 highly skilled and committed individuals that make the mission an important consideration. Let Imageshack provide all your media requirements.

28. Light Stalking

Lightstalker is a community-based photography website that assists its users by sharing guides, resources and forums offering assistance. The website has a lot to offer novice and experienced photographers as well. Take a look at Light Stalking today and see how it can help you!

29. MorgueFile

Stock images for free and ideas professional professionals in the field of creativity. The morguefile is a collection of images that have been freely donated by a variety of artists that can be utilized in creative projects by users of the website.

Are you fed up by seeing similar filters appear on every image on your feed? Are you looking for a way to make each photo you upload distinctive? PicsArt promises to provide the most efficient method of creating and share photos that stand out from other images.

31. Post Image was created in 2004 to offer forums an easy method of uploading images for no cost. Postimage is a simple and fast reliable image hosting site. It’s great for linking auctions or message boards, blogs and many other websites.

32. The Fancy

Thefancy is a photo sharing platform that lets you find and share images of everything you like, including gingerbread cookies, animals, boats, clothes, accessories, and more.

33. VisualHunt

VisualHunt provides high-quality and royalty-free photos that are provided through the CCO license, which means they can be used for whatever reason you’d like to use them to be used for. Additionally, Creative Commons and Public Domain images are accessible. Find the top quality photos and the best ones shared by the most creative minds on VisualHunt.

34. 99designs

99designs is an innovative platform that connects designers to potential customers looking for websites or logos. It’s not easy to determine what you want in the layout of a logo however 99designs connects you with designers who can assist you in determining exactly what you require.

35. ClipArtMe

ClipArtMe is a group of designers who believe they should share designs with others. This means that they are eager to share their fonts brushes, textures illustrations, icons, and much more to anyone who may be interested in them. Their aim is to create an amazing community of designers and resources, and to provide a central place to find great-looking and free design tools.

36. Expono

Expono is a worldwide photograph sharing site. Expono lets users upload their own photos. Users can also create albums and photo galleries, and share them with all their friends. Expono is a rapidly growing photo community.

37. Freepik

Freepik is a website on which you can discover thousands of free graphic resources. Freepik functions as an engine that constantly scans websites for hundreds of sites and selects the most effective available graphic assets for you.

38. Imgur

Imgur is a photo-sharing site that is similar to Reddit. Users can vote for or down user generated images. The top-ranked photos will be displayed in the upper part of the stream. Users are also able to leave comments on the photos. The community can either vote for or against user comments. Comments can be sorted according to the most recent, oldest or top rank.

39. Linktree

An easy tool to optimize your Instagram’s popularity, regardless of whether you’re a bloggeror an artist, or manage a platform for sharing content. There’s a bio link to store every post you’re driving your followers to.

40. Photo Bucket

Photobucket is the best place for uploading download, sharing connecting, making and exploring images, videos along with graphic and design. The users can host their photos video, images, and images at no cost, and then send them out via email or via social media sites like Twitter or Pinterest. Photobucket accounts are completely free and let you save thousands of images as well as hours of videos. The sleek and elegant design of Photobucket will make you fall admiration of its user-friendliness and efficiency. One of the most popular image websites on the online world, Photobucket is growing daily!

41. Picture Push

PicturePush is an online photo and video hosting service for video and photos. It was designed with the idea that you can upload anything you own in the best quality and not think about what you want to display in the future. PicturePush has a range of tools that simplify the uploading of large quantities of images. Large collections of images can be browsed effortlessly without panning. Photos can be cropped, rotated, and resized in real time as needed. There are no limitations in terms of bandwidth and space. Photos don’t mean any value until you share them. PicturePush gives you the option of choosing whom to share your images with. Videos and photos may be shared among your friends or to everyone. In addition, PicturePush allows you to label, describe and categorize your images so that other people can locate the photos as well. PicturePush includes everything you require to share your photos and videos straight from your camera!

42. PurePhoto

PurePhoto is a gallery of fine art photography designed to cater to the market of interior design and also provides an online community for serious designers, artists and photographers.

43. Twitxr is a place to share photos and status updates via your mobile.

44. You Pic

It is a YouPic photographer community is alive and well with photography. Join in , Learn, exchange your photos and even vote for other members of our photo community.


  1. Alien Vault

The First World-wide Truely Open Threat Intelligence Community. Join forces with more than 100,000 worldwide members to study new threats emerging out in the wild. Monitor, investigate and identify cybersecurity threats.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy is an education-related company , but not the way you would imagine. Codecademy is dedicated to providing the best learning experience for students inside and out which makes Codecademy the perfect environment for our team members to study, teach and develop the online learning experience of the next generation.

3. CSSLight

CSS Light is an site that allows developers to showcase their creative and amazing work. Whatever your specialization is in creative design, design aesthetics or presentation it is possible to submit your work for display in the CSS Light gallery for the entire world to view. Sign up with CSS Light and view beautiful designs that motivate you to work on your next project.

4. F6S

F6S is the hub for Founders and Startup programs globally with thousands of jobs and 6,400plus Startup organizations and 378k Startups and 1kplus deals. Each day, thousands of F6S’ers apply to accelerators and pitch investment funds. post and apply for jobs, receive deals for free and expand.

5. Hackaday

Hackaday provides Fresh Hacks Every Day from all over the Internet with fun and engaging posts that are the gold standard of entertainment and fun for engineers as well as enthusiasts of engineering.

6. Ipernity

Upload your files from your PC or via your smartphone, Ipernity allows users to share and store their files safely online. Ipernity offers up to 10 languages , and has been praised throughout across the globe due to its capability to let users publish and share whatever they’d like. Their motto is “If it’s not there then let’s make it! “.

7. MyTechlogy

Our drive and enthusiasm to provide immense value led us to create an effective social media platform that will have an impact upon the life of IT professionals across the globe. The results are evident – our eco-system of quality content, monthly global users and their participation as well as the number of social media users are growing regularly.

8. Public Lab

An open network community focused on various technological, humanitarian, and collaborative efforts to progress environmental solutions.

9. Scratch

With Scratch you can program the stories you want to tell, your games and animations . You can also create your own creations to share with other members of the online community.

10. Slab

Slab lets you build an adaptable and robust database of knowledge for the entire team. No matter if you have two or 200 within your business, Slab gives you the capability to import information from documents and then git to arrange your knowledge into an easily searchable database. Take a look at Slab to get your internal affairs in order.

11. Spiceworks

Through an Google advertisement, a logo was created and with the logo, an idea about IT. Spiceworks is the result of the efforts of many and through the efforts of a group, it was created a community. On Spiceworks you’ll find more than 20 million IT professionals who can connect with you so that they can help you solve your IT issues and to fulfill your needs.

12. UIPatternHub

uipatternhub is a social network that was created to connect individuals from all areas of tech. If you’re graphic designer or web designer, use UI designs, logos or have an artistic mind, this is the perfect place to connect and learn. With this platform it is possible to make and examine patterns of design to discover new ideas for UI concepts.

13. Alternative To

AlternativeTo is a no-cost service that assists you in finding better alternatives to the goods that you love but hate.

14. CodeMentor

Codementor is a platform that connects you to expert developers who can provide you with live assistance. Are you in need of help immediately? Codementor helps you connect with experts to solve urgent problems technical support, technical advice pairing programming, as well as code review.

15. Curious is a site that aims to be an unbeatable environment for you to learn and teach. Instructors can upload videos about any topic, be it salsa dancing, or even making glogg and divide it into classes. Contrary to YouTube, Curious lets teachers decide to charge students for lessons, and has an oversize playback screen and is generally welcoming and helpful.

16. Free Code Camp

An interactive tech-based tool for learning that tracks your progress, offers an online forum for guidance, as well as an a community of coders as well as teachers on one easy online platform.

17. Hacker Rank

Join the thousands of HackerRank heroes from every walk of life, and all over the world. Demonstrate your amazing programming skills, stand out from your competitors and get noticed by corporations.

18. Kaggle

It is a Data Science focused platform to exchange data sets and to learn the practical application of data driven skills. Everything you need to conduct science-based projects that are driven by data.

19. Opensource

It was launched in 2010 and has an extensive collection of articles and discussion forums Opensource is a network for social networking that was created in 2010 by Red Hat. With details on software, hardware use of opensource solutions as well as programming and a array of related topics there’s everything you require about opensource technology.

20. Publisheet

Publisheet allows you to connect to connect your Excel spreadsheets with the web. You can download a small plugin for Excel after which, once it is accomplished, you are able to make any of your previous work done in Excel and then quickly and simply upload it to the world for the world’s users to see. Create a unique URL to show your data at meetings or personal use.

21. Scrim

Make sure you protect your email address before sharing it! Only real people can utilize it. Get Less Spam!

22. Slash Dot

Slashdot is a great source of technology-related news with a strong focus on Linux as well as Open Source issues. Slashdot is a mecca of technology. Everything you’re looking for to know about open source sources is available on Slashdot!

23. Stryve

Stryve is an emerging tech-focused social media site that lets users come together and share their knowledge. If you’ve learned a fantastic technique using JSON or CSS or PHP or another language, please share it with us. Did you create an educational video about development? Send it to your community on Stryve!

24. VirusTotal

virusTotal gives users the capability to check files, websites and documents with over 70 antivirus and domain-checking tools to ensure that you’re not placing yourself or your equipment in danger. The latest malware definitions and information are made available in real-time, which means you don’t have to worry about whether the tools are outdated.

25. BitBucket

Bitbucket is a cloud-based hosting service that hosts projects using either Mercurial and Git revision management systems. Users can collaborate within an online social network that helps develop ideas and ideas to real-world solutions.

26. CodePen

CodePen is a social-development web-based tool that will help you to learn how to write code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end programming languages. CodePen provides premium features that permit you to work simultaneously with other developers and then see the results in real-time.

27. CybrHome

CybrHome connects users to top websites. CybrHome lets you search websites to meet your needs and suggests websites you might enjoy on your own.

28. Github

Github is an open platform for project hosting made using Git and provides up to 500MB of storage space and an unlimited number of repositories to users who are free. It comes with a source-code search with in-line editing as well as patching. Github is free to users and provides advanced premium plans, with up 50GB of storage space for your projects.

29. Hackster

Hackster is a group dedicated to learning about hardware, from novice to expert. Contribute your work and learn by collaborating with other programmers.

30. Keybase

(In beta) Keybase is a people directory. Find a public key securely, beginning by using a Social media username(s). From there, unlimited potential!

31. Pastebin

Pastebin is a site where you can put any text online for sharing. It is mostly utilized by programmers, however anyone is permitted to add any type of text.

32. Replit

Replit is one of the leading online development and coding platforms. Replit’s aim is to provide robust and flexible tools for educators, developers, and businesses so that programming is easier to access.

33. SketchFeb

Sketchfab is a site that allows users to share and display 3D media online.

34. Snipplr

By using Snipplr you can store all of your code snippets that you use frequently in one place , accessible on any computer. You can also share your code with visitors and then use the information they share also.

35. Tech Dirt

Commentary, news, and discussions about the most important and intriguing technological news that impact the sector. Techdirt also sends out newsletters to subscribers to its subscribers.

36. CNET

CNET is the leading source of digital, electronic and reviews of software across the Internet. All over the world, people utilize CNET to discover new gadgets, products, and computer software, in addition to numerous other subjects that are being discussed and reviewed on CNET. CNET is a community of tech-savvy people who love everything computer electronics, science and. CNET is the ideal source to see what experts have to have to say about the latest gadgets you’re considering purchasing. Visit CNET before buying!

37. CodersRank

By collecting your personal information including commits and information from LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow as well as other websites, CodersRank creates a profile with scores for you. You can also upload your resume as well as professional experiences to show the full picture of the person you are as an individual developer. Contribute to expanding your professional circle by showcasing your knowledge on CodersRank!

38. Degreed

Degreed is a website created to help in the ongoing education for its users. The users create an account, choose an area or subjects that interest them and then are given access to relevant content videos, courses and books that are designed to enhance the understanding and abilities. The site has resources covering more than 1500 different abilities, such that of web development, management for products and creative writing.
The user can choose to take a test for certification through Degreed and if they pass the test to be certified will award the test taker with a certificate indicating they’ve achieved proficiency in the specified skill. The certificates can then be presented as evidence of competent skill to prospective employers, or employers to show the level of expertise of the user in a area of study. Degreed also provides digital verification that allows users to show the certifications they’ve earned through the social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Degreed also offers a certificate platform for business, giving businesses the option of providing education materials to employees. Employees can then test for certifications which allows companies to provide a type of continuing education for their employees, thereby improving the efficiency that their employees receive.

39. GitLab

GitLab is a software which allows its users to simplify development processes by reducing processes, and allows users to rapidly convert an idea into modification to the product.

40. Hypixel

Minecraft has over 90 million people each month. There’s plenty of amazing games to enjoy in the game. Adding to the fun, Hypixel is a Minecraft minigame server and community that to provide an experience that is unique by including mods created by developers.

41. Littlstar

Offering a universal library of your media including a plug-and-play media server, 360 degrees video support, and support for VR with PlayStation VR, Littlstar offers its users with new ways to experience the latest technology across all platforms. Littlstar utilizes blockchain technology to give users benefits, such as premium access to unlock more features on the platform.

42. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a social media platform which helps you discover the most innovative websites and products. Join Product Hunt for the latest news from the world of technology, mobile apps, hardware, websites and more.

43. Republic

Join groups of investors that are pursuing an objective or are in support of a cause. Discussion about investment opportunities, share thoughts and insights with fellow investors, and invest in businesses within the group.

44. Skillshare

You can share your work and collaborate with students all over the globe. Share your projects or questions, as well as discussions. Teachers and your classmates are available to assist you. Discuss notes about videos. Make notes in private or make public comments on the video lessons. Join a live session. Discuss a learning goal and keep on course with thousands of fellow students.

45. Source Forge

Secure, fast and secure downloads from the biggest Open Source applications and software directory.

46. Thingiverse

MakerBot’s Thingiverse is an active design community that is dedicated to creating, discovering and sharing 3D printable objects. Thingiverse isn’t only for engineers, designers or CAD drawing experts Anyone can join.


  1. BeWecome

BeWelcome is a social network that promotes ideas of hospitality and exchange. It is the work of the non-profit organization BeVolunteer and is exclusively run by volunteers.

2. Lovento

A site that is designed to help you plan your next vacation either at home or in foreign countries. Lovento ensures that you’re prepared for your trip ahead by providing advice and reviews from other travellers. Lovento is among the best sources for adventurers. Travelers love Lovento.

3. Travelfoss

Travelfoss is an online destination for people who like to travel. It’s for those who are looking to record their journeys and share details about places they’ve been, and explore their next destination of choice. Chat about the cuisine and culture of the places you’ve been to and are looking forward to. Discover how the globe can help on Travelfoss.


TRVL is a peer-to-peer booking platform. The goal of TRVL is to provide travelers with the tools they need to make their travels easier.

5. CruiseMates

CruiseMates is an independently-owned and independent editorial “Internet Cruise Magazine” and Cruise Information Guidebook offering accurate and up-to-date information on cruises, as well as offering a space for cruisers to get together.

6. RoadTrippers

Roadtrippers is an application which lets you plan your trip anywhere in the world and keep track of your status and find new destinations and tips while traveling to where you want to go.

7. Travellers Point

When it comes to planning a trip traveling or sharing your travel experiences, Travellerspoint is where the journey starts.

8. Wolphy

Follow your own and your friend’s journeys. Sign up today to make your own map of the destinations you’ve been to around the world, and let us know your thoughts on these locations. With Wolpy it’s simple to keep track of your travels, identify the places you’d like to visit and prepare for your next adventure. Explore the world using Wolpy.

9. Gapyear

Gap Year Gap Year is a term that was coined by the British that majority of people in America will consider to be an entire year without school. This social network focuses on travel designed for undergraduate student (and people who have a life) who wish to take a break from their studies in order to travel and experiences.

10. TouristLink is the most popular social media platform to connect with travelers. Travel is all about fresh experiences. Whatever destination you’re traveling to, Touristlink gives you opportunity to feel the fullness of the local culture. Get together with locals to enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer and find travelers to share your journey or, if you prefer, to arrange an excursion with a private guide.

11. Trip By SkyScanner

A full-service travel network to locate activities, meals and places to visit and do based on recommendations from other site visitors. The tool for planning trips helps you prepare for weather conditions as well. Mobile apps are readily available.

12. LonelyPlanet

Lonely Planet has gone on to become the most successful travel publishing company publishing more than 120 million books across eleven languages. Alongside guidebooks and eBooks that cover nearly every country in the world, Lonely Planet also produces various gifts and reference books with an award-winning website and magazine, as well as a variety of digital travel-related products and applications.

13. Travel Blog

The Travel Blog is a unique and free travel journal online for travelers around the globe. It is accessible via internet cafes and computers around the globe, allowing you to keep an updated online travel journal. It is completely free to join and only takes a few minutes to set up all you require is an email address that works.

14. Tripline

It’s a vast and wonderful world that has so many locations to explore and things to check out. Tripline lets you communicate information to your family and friends while you travel. You can share your travel route as well as your plans to visit the day you’ll arrive back home, your last destination, and where you’re heading. You can share your top travel experiences and ones you’d like to enhance, and many more things with Tripline.


  1. Amara

A community of media artists who are working to bring accessibility features to content on the internet. Donate or volunteer to contribute towards the community’s goals.

2. Live Leak

LiveLeak is a website for sharing videos which allows users to upload video clips and upload them to the site. Liveleak puts emphasis on the current political climate, and other footage that is grounded in reality like scenes of war from different areas of the world.

3. Periscope

[Mobile Only Periscope allows you to stream live video to all over the world. The moment you go live, it will inform your followers, who can join, post comments and even send you heart-shaped messages in real-time. As more hearts earn and the bigger they appear across the screen. If you’d like to broadcast to a particular group of individuals, select the private button prior to starting your live broadcast and choose the people you’d like to invite to broadcast with you. You can broadcast your Periscope broadcasts via Twitter by pressing the bird icon prior to you begin broadcasting. When you live stream and tweet out a URL so that your Twitter viewers can view the live stream via the internet (or within Periscope’s app).

4. Triller

Triller is a streaming social platform that offers more than 85 million song titles that you can perform while you film your own unique lip-syncing videos.

5. Vidhole

Vidhole is an online video hosting website that covers a variety of subjects, including technology, news and lifestyle.

6. BitTube

Blockchain technology is continuing to expand and discover new applications; one of these is BitTube. The aim of the website is to provide users with an innovative decentralized platform to upload videos for free that allow users to choose from a variety of subjects such as art, music films, technology, and any other topic you can think of. BitTube has modern and sleek design and features that are in line with it live streaming and live broadcasts created by you.

7. Daily Motion

Dailymotion is all about discovering new ways to view, share and connect with the world via the potential of online video. Upload your own personal videos to be shared with the community, and then enjoy interesting and engaging streaming videos online till your eyes are hurting. Dailymotion is among the top social video platforms worldwide with a good reason. You’ll find amazing videos from all parts of the globe.

8. Meta Cafe

One of the biggest video websites on the internet, Metacafe serves up the most entertaining short-form videos, the most hilarious clips, movies sporting videos, and video game info. Find funny or informative videos or upload and upload your personal videos. Get seen on Metacafe.

9. Rumble

Rumble is a website which allows users to upload videos, share them and like them across the globe. It features videos from podcasts, viral videos as well as news as well as sports, science and much more, there’s a lot of content that is original on Rumble.

10. Twitch TV

Twitch TV was developed by gamers who wanted to to stream live games or watch other players play in real time. PlayStation, Xbox along with computer-based games are played on. It’s easy to create an account and broadcast or commenting on a player’s game, while trying to be rude to noobs! Twitch TV was created by one of the co-founders of Justin.TV and was bought from Google at the end of 2014.

11. Vimeo

Vimeo is a friendly group of creative individuals who are committed to sharing their videos. Vimeo is more professional-oriented than YouTube. The videos that you can find on Vimeo are creative, artistic videos made by filmmakers, or even budding film enthusiasts. Vimeo continues to grow and is among the most popular social media sites for video on the web.

12. Caffeine

A brand new social video streaming platform that can be used for entertainment, games, and other art-related content.

13. Flickbin

FlickBin is the perfect place to share and discover an array of videos. If you’re looking for an instructional video bitcoin, video games films travel, art, or anything else that you are interested in, FlickBin offers you a wide selection of videos. With its simple tool for uploading content, you’ll be sharing and reviewing online content in no time.

14. Mixer

Mixer is Microsoft’s most popular streamer and gaming platform. You can stream straight from your Xbox or via your computer and an capture card. Find yourself among the 10 million users present on Mixer. Perhaps the future Ninja or DrLupo might be waiting to be discovered or it could even be you! If you’re not streaming, there are still players streaming a variety of games you already are familiar with, such as Destiny 2, FIFA 19, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and many more.

15. Smule

A great community that allows you to make and discover new music to sing, hum, or join in with other people or by yourself. It also has an app to encourage creative music productions.

16. Veoh

Veoh provides millions of online videos , including free TV shows, films music, and much many more. You can upload and publish your video with the world on Veoh which is a video-sharing website. You can find videos about cars and sports, culture, eating, travel, politics food, activism, cooking and any other topic you can imagine.

17. Wonder How To

One stop shop for the top videos online to help you accomplish various tasks. From Christmas ideas to changing simcards on your smart phone, you can find everything through this.

18. Funny Or Die

“Funny or Die” is a compilation of hilarious videos that feature celebrities comedians, users and others from across the globe. The site was created with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. Get the most up-to-date reviews and updates from the world of comedy that includes stand-up as well as TV and film. Find out who’s creating a stir in the world with Funny or Die!

19. OnlyFans

The OnlyFans website is a subscription site that permits creators of content to publish private content. By providing financial support to the owners of your preferred accounts, you’ll be granted access to videos, photos and articles from your most loved social media influencers.

20. TikTok

TikTok is among the largest mobile video platforms on the planet. Send funny, creative or sad videos of you and your loved ones to the world through TikTok. There are more than 500 million people using TikTok sharing their videos with the world. Join them and see the reason why people are talking about this!

21. Video Sift

Video submission and voting website that showcases the best internet content in an the most user-friendly format. Upload your own video and browse the other submitted by users videos.

22. YouTube

Youtube is a site where users can enjoy videos with their friends, share their own videos, leave comments on videos, stream movies, TV shows or create playlists and make the personal Youtube channel. The site was launched in February of 2005. YouTube lets billions of users to view, discover and share original videos. YouTube offers a place that allows people to meet to, educate and inspire other people across the world. Youtube is also an distribution platform for your original content. You can also earn money through Youtube by allowing ads to play in YouTube videos. Youtube videos.